Across the ocean (15+)

It is usually no big deal for Zayn Malik to sleep with girls every now and then, but when one of his one night stands turns out to be one of One Direction's new make up artists, things turn out a little different than he had planned...


5. Boys, fifa and cigarettes

The entrance hadn't been awkward at all, Lou had been there to welcome me, and then she had showed me into the lounge where the band was, two of them playing Fifa 13, which I found... Weird, since it was a normal thing to play. I guess I had expected some dudes in expensive clothes, with champagne, or beer, or I don't know man. Just not this. 
Three pair of eyes turned to look at, except from one pair. It was a blonde boy that clearly was very obsessed about the game. "Louiis, come on," He complained, and turned his head to look at the boy that sat on the floor beside him, but the so called Louis was looking at me. "Niall..." Louis muttered, and couched in a fake way to make Niall look up, and he did. "Hey guys, remember that I told about Amanda?" Lou said, and smiled calmly at me. I relaxed a little. They all nodded, and kept on looking at me. Weird guys. The guy on the couch with short brown hair, and a cute face was the first person to stand up and walk up to me. He politely reached right hand out for me, and I took it, and shook it. "I'm Liam," He said, and gave me a little smile. "Amanda," I tried to sound confident. "I know," He just said and winked at me, I blushed slightly. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't flirting, I could tell, he was just a cute guy. My eyes met a pretty good looking guy with greenish eyes, and curly brown hair. That hair, gosh... It was... Special, but in a quite hot way. He sent me a wry smile, and I could fast tell that it was a flirty. Wasn't that the guy they called Harry? "I'm Harry," He said loudly from his place on the couch, I just smiled at him, and turned to look at the two guys on the floor. "Louis here," The other guy with brown hair said, and waved at me. I smiled at him as well, then the blonde guy spoke, "Niall, I'm Niall,". They were cute. Maybe a bit too cute. After some seconds I looked straight at Liam, since he was the one that had been walking up to me, "Wait... I thought you had five members?" I asked, and looked around in the room again, just to be sure that I hadn't forgotten a guy in the corner or something. "One of us went downstairs, he'll probably be here in two minutes or something," Harry said. "Well Amanda, I'll have to go and fix somethings, since it's your first day you don't have to help me, just get to know the boys, and we'll leave in about one hour," Lou said, and gave me a clap on the shoulder. I nodded, and she left me alone with the four boys.

"Umm.. Well," I mumbled, and awkwardly looked at all of them. Louis was the one to break the silence "Wanna join Niall and I?" He asked, and gave me a nice and big smile. I ended up joining them. They handed me controller number 3, and I played on the same team as the blonde guy, called Niall. Niall was good, and I sucked, but it was pretty fun, cause all I did was to block the way for Louis, or to make him fall, or whatever I was doing. Liam and Harry was sitting on the couch behind us, yelling and shouting every time something good and bad happened. I would never understand why guys did that.  "Not too bad, Amanda," Harry said. I realised that he had a really deep voice, I giggled, "I should be a professional,". 

Harry was just about to say something when a voice stopped him, "Have any of you guys taken my cigs?" The voice came from the door, and sounded worried, or something. We all turned our head, and there.. The guy from the elevator stood. He didn't look at me, "No... Check your pockets," Niall said. "I already have," The guy muttered. He was about to look at Niall and Louis but instead his eyes met my eyes. And I came to realise where I knew him from. 


He groaned as I dug my nails down in his skin on his back, knowing that I was leaving marks and scratches. My breathing was heavy and small moans escaped my lips. The pleasure was amazing, and I knew that the guy had experience. I moved my hips up, to get to feel all of him. He kept on thrusting in and out, adding speed. Sweat was showing in small drops on his forehead, and the sound of my moans, his breath and out skin slamming against each other was like a melody in my ear. I pictured him, knowing that he probably was the best looking guy I ever had been with, in this way. He was sure a good catch, and I somehow felt proud to have his attention. My head was spinning, and my heart racing. Too much alcohol.


We just stared at each other, maybe for a little too long. I was sure that his band mates noticed that something weird was up. He had hazel eyes, and long black lashes, there was no doubt that it was the guy that I had slept with two or three months back. I just didn't remember his name. I was not sure if he knew me, but I knew that he recognised me. "Zayn, this is Amanda," Harry said, and broke our awkward stare. I ripped my eyes away from him, and turned to look at Niall, and then back. "Yes, that's me. I'm going to help Lou," I mumbled. I felt nervous, and most of all I wanted to dig myself down into a deep hole, and never show my face near those boys again. The guy, named Zayn, just nodded at me, with a wrinkled forehead. He looked away, and looked up at Liam on the couch, "My cigs?" He asked, and bit his lower lip slightly. I saw him glance at me, but his eyes fast looked back at Liam with the puppy face again. "I don't know. You can buy some new ones on our way to Oxford," Liam said. It was clear that Zayn hadn't had his morning cigarette, and I knew from the friends I had that smoked, that it got them all moody, so I saw the only solution, and said, "You can have one of mine?".
Everyone turned to look at me, clearly surprised. Zayn tried to hide the look in his eyes, and shrugged his shoulder, "Thanks, but I'll survive until we go outside,".
I gave him a little smile, not much of a smile actually. I didn't smoke really, I just always had them on my, in case I got upset or something. Cause it was relaxing, I just didn't want to get addicted. Or in case I got hungry, a was far away from a food store. Smoking stopped the hunger a little, and I could survive without something to eat for a little while. 
If my parents knew I would've been dead, but I didn't smoke when I knew I was coming home, or meeting up with my family. If they found out I could just as well start to plan my funeral. 
"Sure, just tell if you need one," I said, and turned my eyes away from him, and back to game. "Ready?" Niall asked, and looked at me. I nodded, and he played the game again. 



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