Across the ocean (15+)

It is usually no big deal for Zayn Malik to sleep with girls every now and then, but when one of his one night stands turns out to be one of One Direction's new make up artists, things turn out a little different than he had planned...


6. Before the interview

Time passed fast, and under the matches we played I could feel Zayn's eyes on me. Maybe he already knew that he had slept with me, or maybe he tried to remember where he knew me from, or maybe he didn't recognise me at all, and was just fucking weird. But as I said, time passed fast, and soon some guy  - probably their manager - was standing in the door saying that it was time to go. I felt awkward by sitting there on the floor in the middle of Louis and Niall, while I was at work.
I fast put down the controller and grabbed my bag, then I pulled myself up from the floor, and fixed my  shirt that had jumped a bit up, so that the place where my skin met the edge of my jeans was visible.  


Outside I could tell that the other guys found it hotter than it usual was in the start of the summer in England, cause they all carried their jackets over their arm, and kept on complaining about why on earth they had put jeans on. I talked a bit with Lou, and she told me everything that was going to happen today. Though I already knew. The boys were going to some interview, and we had to get them ready before, when it came to the make up, not clothes. I was being sure just to nod, and listen carefully to every word she said. Everyone were standing on the back side of the building, in the backyard, which was more like a private parking lot. The boys were talking to some men some metres away from Lou and I, that were standing by her car. While she was telling me what would happen today, down to every detail we got interrupted by Harry that without caring broke our conversation, "Amanda, do you have any cigarettes?" He asked, and looked at Lou with a relaxed smile, she just wrinkled her forehead. "Young man, since when did you start smoking?" She asked, and placed her hands on her hips. Harry just laughed, "Since never, it's for Zayn... He's all moody you know," Harry kept his huge smile on. He was charming. "Sure," I said, and dug my hand down in my bag, and found the pack of Marlborough Gold. I pulled it up, and handed it to Harry. "Why didn't he come and get them himself?" Lou asked, and kept on looking at Harry, that just shrugged his shoulders and kept the carefree smile on his lips, "I guess he didn't want to". For a second I stopped breathing, didn't want to? So it meant that he didn't want to speak to me? Not that it bothered me, but seriously, couldn't he at least be man enough to ask for them himself? I sighed loudly, "Let him take as many as he want, I don't smoke a lot," I mumbled, and smiled a little at Harry that just nodded, thanked me, and headed away from us.
"That was weird," Lou said, and kept her eyes on Harry's back, as he walked over to the group of boys, and handed Zayn the pack. I couldn't hear what they were talking about, but Zayn took it, read the name, looked up, and looked in my direction. Even though we stood quite far away from each other, I knew that he looked straight at me. Our eyes met, and I felt a sting of disappointment, not knowing exactly where from, but probably because he didn't even want to go near me, and it was my first day, I needed them to like me. "Yeah, a little. But he can take them all if he want, I don't smoke," I mumbled. Lou turned to look at me, I could feel it. "You don't?" She asked. I turned my head, so that I now was looking at her, "Sometimes, not often, I just like to have to opportunity, that's why I always have them in my bag," I said, again I didn't want to lie to her. I didn't know why, cause I was a fantastic lair, but there was something about her that made me respect her. A

A half hour later I found myself in a room outside of the studio where the boys soon would be sitting on a couch. Lou said that she would like me to try to take care the boys today, since she wanted to see how I was doing. I felt my heart shrink in my chest, to the thought of facing Zayn. I didn't know why, he just didn't seem to enjoy having me here. I know that I was fast to judge the situation, but come on, all he did was to glance at me sometimes, and he didn't even want to speak to me. Of course I couldn't blame him, if he remembered our night together... Or actually I could, it had been a good night, and how dared he to act like I was some stranger now, or he didn't even act like that, cause he didn't even seem friendly when it came to me, not like the rest of the boys. Lou said that she would be there to help me, but she would try to make me do most of the job. I never really thought that they would get fixed before they went on TV, but then again of course. My dad had been on TV before, he was a doctor, and worked with health as well. He had told me that they had 'fixed' a little before he went on.  To be honest I would like to be joining them, because after all it was an Alan Carr interview, though he wasn't really my favorite host. My favorite was and would always be Ellen Degeneres. 
I felt nervous, but when Liam just smiled nicely at me, as I was circling the brush around in the powder, I felt more confident. "Who's gonna be first?" I asked, with a smile. I noticed that all of the boys put their hands in the air, in a childish school boy way, except from Zayn. I tried to ignore the fact that it really got on my nerves. "Well, Niall.. That's gonna be you," I said, and walked up to him. Like I said before, I was a small girl, but he was not that tall when it came to a boy, so if I stood a bit on my tiptoes I could do the job good. I put a tiny little bit of concealer under his eyes, blend it in, and then a slight layer of powder. The next was Louis, then Liam, then Harry... 

And then Zayn. He looked down at me, wearing his careless look like a mask. "Your turn?" I said, trying to light the tense atmosphere between us up, but he didn't smile back at me, he just nodded. I sighed, and let the powder brush run over his skin. It looked perfect without the powder, it was actually beautiful. I let my eyes follow the brush around on his skin, his cheek bones, his nose, his jaw, his chin, and his forehead. I finally stood down on flat feet again, and when I looked up to see if I had done okay - which wasn't hard, seriously, it was just putting some powder on some boys, it was terribly easy. But when I looked up, I met his eyes instead. His eyes didn't look hard at all, I couldn't tell the expression in them, but he didn't look annoyed by me. "Thanks," He mumbled, not in the most thankful tone, but I just smiled at him, "Well, it's my job".
That made him smile a little and shake his head, "Yeah, I guess it is,".

A man - that I saw everywhere, but still didn't know the name of - came walking in, "Boys you're on now... Hurry up," He said, and clapped his hands. They all nodded, pulled a little at their shirts, that they had changed since they arrived. Zayn was the last to leave the room, and as he was about to walk out the door, he turned his head, and took one look at me. I swore that it was a slight smile I saw, not big, but it was there, and I felt a sting of relief.

The boy didn't hate me ... but then again, why should he?  


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