Across the ocean (15+)

It is usually no big deal for Zayn Malik to sleep with girls every now and then, but when one of his one night stands turns out to be one of One Direction's new make up artists, things turn out a little different than he had planned...


10. Awkwardness

Amanda's P.O.V:


"So you're going back in a few days?" I asked, as I stood in the queque waiting to order. "Yeah," Zayn nodded, and turned to look at me, "But I guess you're coming with us, right?" He said, and sent me a smile that was too perfect to be real. It annoyed me how anyone could be that beautiful, like they walked right out of a movie or a commercial. I stood staring at him for some seconds, until the words he had said sank in... "What? I don't think so, is that... What?" I asked, and felt the panic set in. I couldn't just leave like that, it wasn't the plan, was it? 
"Didn't Paul or Lou tell you?" He asked, clearly surprised. I shook my head, and wrinkled my forehead slightly. "I'll ask her today..." I mumbled, and turned to look away from Zayn, and at the meu hanging over the desk. I pretended to be thinking about what I wanted, but truth was that I wasn't reading the menu at all. I was just trying to avoid getting into an awkward situation with Zayn. 

"Guys..." Niall sighed, and we both turned to look at him. "The paps," He complained, and looked out of the windows and glass door. Outside people with cameras were gathered. 

"I'm so not in the mood for that," Zayn muttered, and turned to look at me. I just shrugged my shoulders, not knowing how to react. I was usually not being followed by paps, so this was something new to me. Though I could imagine that it could be pretty fucking annoying. 

Lux made a weird sound, that sounded like a yawn and snuggled closer against Niall's chest. He was holding her in his arms. "Awwe, she's tried," He mumbled, and kissed her hair. I was not much for admitting it, but it made my heart melt. 



"Better stay close," Zayn whispered in my ear from behind, causing me to gasp in shock. I could hear him chuckle, "Just so you won't get lost in the middle of the paps." He then said, and I turned to look at him. "I won't," I assured him, with a superior voice. He shrugged his shoulders, and even though he wasn't exactly smiling he somehow managed to show off his perfect white teeth. "I'll just hurry with Lux," Niall said, and opened the door. Zayn and I nodded.
He was the first to go. He was facing the street, as he hurried through the flashing lights, and the people surrounding him. Maybe we should go now, just to take the attention from Niall and Lux, and to us. Cause I was sure that Lux was overwhelmed, and since she was so small... Maybe that wasn't good. That's why I pulled up the door, and stepped out. They didn't know me, so I don't think that I would be such a special person to surround, but I had clearly been wrong. 
When we stepped out onto the street, all the cameras turned to us. The flashing lights burned my eyes, and I fast turned to face the ground.

I could feel a bigger hand grab mine, but I tried to ignore it. Zayn leaded us fast through the crowd, that asked us a lot of things. I didn't get half of it, and the other half didn't make sense. "Come on," I could hear Zayn mumbled. He was being sure to keep holding onto my hand. "I am right behind you," I muttered, and tried to sneak my hand away from his, but he grabbed it harder in protest. I sighed to myself, but tried to ignore the fact that Zayn was holding my hand. It annoyed me. 

We made it to the other side of the street, where he dragged me into some smaller street, "This leads to the backyard," He told me, as we escaped into the smaller street, between two houses. He was still holding my hand, "Ahem, you can let go of my hand now," I said. And he fast let go of it, "Sorry," He mumbled. I realised how mean I had sounded, so I lighted him up a little by smiling at him. 

We made it to a door, leading into the backyard. He held it open for me, but before I stepped in, he stopped me, but putting his arm in front of me, to block my way. "Hey, Amanda?" He asked, and our eyes met.

"Yeah?" I mumbled, and leaned my head a bit to side, while smiling slightly. "You..." He started out, but stopped himself. I raised my eyebrows, "I, what?" I asked. 
"Nothing, forget it." He fast mumbled, and moved the hand he had used to stop me, away, in a sign of letting me walk in. But I didn't move. "I know what you're thinking," Was all I said, and my smile turned a bit more wry. He just stared at me, into my eyes for some long seconds, then he nodded.
"Just wanted to make sure you..." He started out again, but didn't finish this time either.

"Yeah..." Was all I mumbled, and I awkwardly turned to look away from him.

We stood like with a heavy awkward silence over us, for many seconds. I wasn't looked at him, I was looking down, and he was looking at me. I could feel his stare. 

"I better get going," I said, as an excuse for leaving. He nodded again, and let me pass him,
but then... when he followed me, I realized that he was going the same way as I was . It couldn't have been any more awkward. Him walking two meters behind me, without saying a word. 

I slapped myself several times in side of my head, while my eyes were turned to the normal sized glass door leading into the building. The backdoor. I kept my eyes on it, focusing on not looking embarrassed. I kept my head held high.

I grabbed the handle, and opened up the door, now... I had to look back to see if Zayn was too close for me not to keep it open, and he was. So I was forced to stand in the door, and wait for him. "Thanks," He mumbled when he passed me. I didn't say a thing.



Zayn's P.O.V:


"Fucking bullshit," I muttered and hid my face behind my hands. I was sitting on a chair, in the hallway, waiting for our break to be over. The rest of the boys were probably still in the room with the couches, and Amanda and Niall was nowhere to be seen. Niall had probably given the boys their drinks, and Amanda was probably somewhere taking care of Lux.

I sat here, on a white chair, playing back the most awkward scene ever. I played it over and over again in my mind, thinking about all the things I should've said. Playful comments and jokes I should've made, to loose the atmosphere up a bit. But as stupid as I was, I had turned the moment to talk to her in private, into the most awkward moment. Now I sat here, regretting it.

I didn't even know why I was so goddam frustrated. I hadn't been trying to hit on her. We weren't even friends. But still I felt so stupid, and I would've done anything to go back and change the situation. 

I sighed loudly and leaned my head back, resting it against the wall. What was I supposed to do now? Talk to her? No fucking way. Maybe I should just stay away from her, but that idea seemed as silly as the idea of talking to her. If I didn't say anything to her, maybe she would come up to me, and things wouldn't be that awkward. At least I could hope so. 



It did hurt me to realize that I had been wrong. When the break was over, and I found myself in front of big white sheet, she was standing beside Lou and the photograph. Her arms were crossed over her chest, her head leaned a bit to the side, and her eyes watching us carefully. She had a little smile on her lips, and a light in her eyes. "Zayn!" Paul shouted, and I fast ripped my eyes away from Amanda, and looked at Paul that stood beside Lux. I could feel Amanda look at me. 

"You need to focus," Paul sighed, and looked serious. "Sorry," I said, and took a deep breath. "You ready?" The photographer asked. I nodded, but before I let myself fall into the role of Zayn Malik, I took a glance at Amanda. Her eyes met mine, and she fast looked away.

The photoshoot was not as serious as the real one would be, but it was serious, maybe cause it was TeenVogue after all. I felt silly being placed in different positions while Amanda was watching me. The other boys did the same, but somehow I managed to feel silly. Mostly cause of my loss of concentration. Paul got a bit annoyed with me. And had to pull me to the side, to talk to me. Happily he didn't yell at me, he calmly said: "I know that you have good and bad days, but Zayn, this is TeenVouge, we need you to focus. Do you think you can do that?"

I nodded, and turned to look over my shoulder, and at Amanda, that was glancing at Paul and I, but she fast turned to look at the other boys. "Think I'm doing good?" Harry asked, and she laughed. "Not at all, Styles," She joked, and he rolled his eyes. My stomach turned, but I didn't know why. "I'm fantastic, and you know it," He said, and winked at her. "And I am sexy, and you know it," She said, and raised her eyebrows in a challenging way. "Owned!" Niall laughed, and walked up to them. 
"Nuh-uh, don't worry. You'll be on your knees for me soon," Harry said, and his smile turned flirty. 
"That did sound... Dirty," Amanda flirted back, and pushed him in a friendly way. "Oh, it was," Harry assured her. 

I took a deep breath, and looked back at Paul. "Sure, I'll do my best." Was all I said. "Good," Paul put a hand on my shoulder, and opened his mouth to say something more, but he closed it again. "You can go back," He said.


The rest of the photoshoot went better, not emotionally, but when it came to the work I did. I tried to push the picture of Harry flirting with Amanda, out of my head. Wondering why I even cared. I had never been with her, we barely knew each other. Well, we had slept together, but that meant nothing. At that moment. 


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