This Can't Possibly Be True

Many girls dream about being a princess, and finding their Prince Charming and living happily ever after. But what if that dream came true?
Marina Lambrini Diamandis: A shy, quiet teenage girl whose normal and ordinary.
Harry Edward Styles: A cheeky prince whose known for his reputation, of being a ladies man.
Niall James Horan: A sweet, shy prince whose know for his reputation of loving Nandos and being Irish.
Louis Tomlinson: A funny, outgoing prince whose engaged to a princess of Italy, Ms. Eleanor Calder.
Zayn Malik: A "bad boy" whose actually not that bad at all his sweet, caring and a great listener.
Liam Payne: A sweet, responsible prince whose a gentlemen and known for being responsible as a dad.


2. Princes & Princesses

We arrived at a huge mansion, to say it was huge was an understatement it was a humongous palace. It was absolutely amazing, I could see the many white rimmed windows and the layers of bricks upon bricks, it looked to be about 4 stories high. Not just the actual mansion it self the surroundings were amazing, there were bushes, many flowers and the trip just to the front door took about 5 minutes in the car. To think I was going to be living here was amazing.

Harry and Niall got out of the car and I stepped out just behind them. A man came out and took out my suitcase for me, I thanked him and stepped in the house behind the two boys. To think that I thought outside was amazing, inside was far much more exquisite.

From my first look at the house I saw two white, marble stair cases leading up to the second floor of the house. Wooden doors and walls down a hallway. I could see a room which I presume was a lounge room though I couldn't see much and a huge chandelier.

"Marina we'll introduce you to the boys." Niall said putting his arm on my back and leading me up the stairs.
"What boys?" I questioned him.
"You'll see." Harry said smiling at me.

We walked up up two sets of stairs and I believe that we were now on the third floor. I think we passed at least 15-20 different doors, I look forward to exploring exactly what they are later on.

We walked in to a room that looked like another living room. It was also huge, I saw three boys all sitting on different couches talking to each other. "Boys this is Marina, Dominique's granddaughter." Harry said walking over to them and putting his hand on one of the boys shoulder.

"Marina this is Liam, Louis and Zayn." Niall said leading me closer to them, I smiled brightly at them.
"Hi, I'm Marina." I said, too say that I was nervous would be an understatement also.
All three of them got up, the one that I believed to be Liam gave me a hug, "Hey babe, nice to meet you."

Up next the one I believed to be Louis also gave me a hug. "G'day mate, I heard that your from down under." He said in a terrible Australian accent which caused me to laugh.

"Hey babe, I'm Zayn, don't mind Louis his just weird." He said pecking me on the cheek. I smiled at him he was extremely handsome, they all were, how were they so hot?

"Oh right, I'll show you your room." Niall said. He got up and lead the way.
"Thanks for being my guide for the day." I said smiling at him.
"Me and the boys, well we'll be your friends for as long as you stay here and after." He said opening up the door to my room.

"Th-this is my room?" I asked looking up at him with my eyes popped, jaw dropped. He laughed slightly, "Yes babe." It was huge, everything here was bloody huge.

There was a huge king sized bed, a desk with a mac, a huge wardrobe and then there was a walk in wardrobe which get ready for this, was full of dresses, heels and jewellery. "Oh my god, Niall pinch me." I said putting my hand on his shoulder and pretending to faint. He just laughed. "Two more thing please don't faint." He said grabbing my hand and walking me over.

He opened a door and showed me that I had my own ensuite bathroom with a spa. "Is this heaven Niall?" I looked up at him mesmerised. "One more thing Marina." He said pulling me out of the bathroom, he opened up a massive curtain which covered up the whole wall to reveal a door which led to a balcony which overlooked part of the backyard which was huge and amazing.

I could see the pool underneath and far, far out I could see mountains and the beautiful skyline of Paris. "Wow." Was all I could let out.
"It looks far more amazing at night." He said looking out at the view. I heard a bunch of footsteps run into my room and I turned around to see 4 smiling boys.

"Do you like it?" Zayn asked.
"It's absolutely amazing, this whole place is amazing, your amazing." I rambled on like the loser I am.
"We're going to swim, care to join us?" Louis asked smiling brightly.
"I'll sit by the pool but I'm too tired to swim." I replied.
"Meet you down there babe." Liam said and they all ran down.

"Do you know how to make your way down to the pool?" Harry asked popping his head in my door.
"Not too sure but I'll find it."
"Okay, meet you down there babe." He said then ran off.

I walked over to my suitcase which was sat beside my bed, and took out my sunglasses. I put on a pair of shorts and a baggy singlet and ran down the stairs.

Walking through the house, I could see it was definitely not quiet, there were people everywhere. I wasn't sure exactly who they were but most of them were maids, each person I walked past welcomed me, which actually made me feel awkward but whatever.

After walking around the backyard for 10 minutes I finally found the pool. I saw Louis jumping on Harry in the pool and Niall was just sitting by them laughing hysterically while Liam and Zayn were just swimming casually. "Welcome to fun, fun, fun." Louis shouted splashing some water at me.

"Not cool Louis." I shook my heard in disappointment jokingly. I took of my shoes and went and sat next to Niall, who had his feet in the pool. I checked out all the boys who were shirtless and I felt like the worlds biggest perve. But you can't blame me, they are just way to hot, I hope some of them aren't my cousins or anything cause that would be awkward.

I looked up at Niall who was just laughing at all the boys. "Hey Niall, what exactly are all of you?" I asked wondering why I hadn't thought of asking earlier.

"We're all actually princes." He replied and all the boys gathered in near us.
"Are you a prince of Ireland?" I asked him.
"Yes I am. Is my accent that strong?" He asked chucking.
"Yeah. Wait hold on so your all princes right?"

"That's right." Liam replied.
"How is he a prince?" I said pointing at Louis and covering my mouth with my hand.
"Hey, I am very prince like thank you very much." Louis said splashing water at me.
"Very sassy prince is what you are." I muttered which my made Niall chuckle.

"Louis is actually a prince of Italy because his engaged to Eleanor Calder a princess of Italy." Harry said ruffling Louis's hair.
"Wait his engaged? What is this conspiracy?" I said pretending to look shocked.
"Oh that is it." Louis said pulling me into the pool.

"You did not just do that." I shouted jumping on him and honestly I had no idea what I was trying to accomplish. After about 5 minutes I finally calmed down. "So what are you 3 princes of?" I asked getting out of the pool and using a spare towel to try dry myself off.

"Well actually me and Harry are princes of Italy." Liam said high-fiving Harry. "So are you like Louis's wife's brothers?" I asked hoping it made sense.
"Cousins." Harry responded.
"Oh very cool."

"What about you Zayn?" I asked.
"I'm a prince of Pakistan." He replied.
"Okay one more question boys. If your all different princes why do you live here?"

"Well mostly because our parents prefer us living here, if we lived in our home towns we wouldn't get the privacy we get here and also because were all the only child of our families so our parents thought it would be better if we stayed here together with Dominique." Liam answered.

"That sort of makes sense." I said trying to function through my brain exactly what he said. "So are like all your families connected?" I asked.
"Yeah we're all really close." Niall replied.

"That's really cool." I replied.

I could tell I was going to love these boys, I mean who couldn't?
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