8. Chapter 8

I dropped Jake home and helped him to the door, I smiled and looked at the ground, he softly touched my chin and moved my head so I was facing him, he tilted his head and kissed me on the lips, I put my arm around his shoulders and passionately kissed him. I couldn’t actually believe it I totally forgot about everything and just stood at his door step kissing him, I tried my best to be careful and not hit his nose, I actually think I did twice but he didn’t mind, we just stood there kissing each other, he slowly pulled his head back and looked at me and smiled. “I’ll talk to you later,” he whispered. He went inside and I skipped to my car, I sat in my car for about 5 minutes just thinking about that kiss, it was our second kiss and it felt magical, but I felt a bit guilty because I realised I still have feelings for Harry. I couldn’t believe it but I had feelings for Harry and Jake.

I drove home and laid on my bed for 15 minutes, I was so confused, my mum called out to me, “Honey, there’s a guy called Jake wanting to speak to you on the phone,” shouted my mum. I quickly ran to get the house phone off my mum, “Hey Jake,” I said. “Hey Sophie, I was just wondering are you doing anything tomorrow?” asked Jake. “No I’m not,” I replied. “Well would you like to go to the movies with me?” asked Jake. “I’d love to Jake,” I replied, “okay well I’ll pick you up at 10 tomorrow is that alright?” asked Jake. “That’s perfect I’ll see you then,” I replied. I said goodbye to Jake and hanged up, I told mum all about what happened today, “Well he seems very nice sweetie,” said my mum. “Yeah mum he is,” I said giggly. I went up to my room and went on Facebook, I had about 10 inboxes from people talking about Jake and I kissing, I thought to myself did Jake actually post it on Facebook? I looked at Jake’s Facebook and it said nothing about it, I was scrolling down my newsfeed when I saw Renee had been watching us and took a picture of me and Jake kissing. I was so pissed off.
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