7. Chapter 7

“Harry!” I screamed. Harry ran away, “Jake, Jake, are you alright,” I asked. I helped Jake up, I looked at his face and saw all the blood rushing from his nose, I put his hand on my shoulder and took him to the nurse, the nurse called an ambulance as soon as she saw Jake’s nose, I wanted to go to the hospital with Jake but I knew that I wasn’t allowed to. After school I drove up to the hospital to see Jake, he was still in the emergency room, I sat down beside him while he held tissues in one hand I held his other hand hoping it would make him feel better. “I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed. “Its okay, I'm glad it was me and not you,” he said with a smile. I looked at Jake and smiled, one of the nurses called his name out, I let go of his hand and he looked at me and grabbed my hand and brought me into the room, Jake sat on the bed waiting for the doctor to come and see him, I sat down in the chair nervously waiting, not being sure what was going to happen, Jake looked at me and winked, I took a deep breath and sighed.

We got out of the hospital; Jake needs surgery because his nose is badly broken he can’t breathe through it. “I’m really sorry, I would have rather taken a beating then for you to cope what I deserved,” I said. Jake stopped and faced me, “No guy should ever hit a girl, and you didn’t deserve anything, all the shit he has done to you. I don't care what you think or anyone else thinks, you will never be deserved to be punched or hit by a guy, whoever tells you, that you deserve it needs a bullet through their head. I pushed you away from Harry because neither of us know what is going through Harry’s head at the moment, he needs to calm down, you’re going through a lot I can tell by the look on your face and your eyes, Harry is going through stuff too, he just won’t tell you because he is afraid to lose you, I don't understand why he broke up with you in the first place I don't even think he does, you guys need time away from each other, hang with other people and not just hang with Eleanor,” exclaimed Jake. “I’m sorry I’ve just been stressed lately with this Harry thing going on, do you want a lift home?” I asked. “Um I don't mind as long as it isn’t any trouble for you,” replied Jake. I smiled and told him to get in car.
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