6. Chapter 6

It’s the next day, I struggle to get out of bed, for some reason I’m feeling really weak but I manage to get out of bed, I quickly have a shower and get ready for school, I drive to Eleanor's house and I pick her up, we drove to school and after I parked Eleanor and I walked into school, we got a couple of glares but that was the usual, I saw Renee and she just evil eyed me. I usually walked into school holding hands with Harry but this time I didn’t, I walked with Eleanor and then Harry walked in 5 minutes after us and all of the girl’s jaws dropped. I went with Eleanor to the bathroom and fixed my hair and makeup I walked out and accidentally bumped into Jake and fell on the ground. Jake was my maths tutor in primary school, “Uh I’m so sorry Sophie,” said Jake. Jake helped me off the ground “Its fine Jake, really it is, I haven’t actually talked to you in a while so, do you want to hang at lunch,” I asked Jake. “Sure thing,” said Jake. Jake walked away; he had amazing brown eyes and short spikey brown hair. Eleanor looked at me and winked; I just laughed and walked Eleanor to class.

I dropped Eleanor off at her class and walked to English, Jake saw me and ran up to me, I smiled as he walked me to our English class, Jake smiled nervously, and we went into the classroom and sat down next to each other. We were doing a test, I hated tests I could never get any question right, Jake nudged me and told me some of the answers I smiled and mouthed thank you, he nodded his head, and I was getting a feeling that Jake actually liked me. After English Jake was walking me to the cafeteria, suddenly Jake saw Harry hiding behind his locker watching me and Jake, Jake glared at Harry for a second and then kissed me on the lips, while holding his hand on my waist. Harry quickly shut his locker and was heading towards Jake and I, Jake softly pushed me into the cafeteria, while by my side. Jake was so cute and was very protective of people. I didn’t know that Harry was behind us until I got pulled by my arm, I turned around and saw.

“Harry,” Jake said nervously. “Let go of my arm Harry we aren’t together anymore,” I shouted, Harry wouldn’t let go of my arm. “Dude back off she doesn’t want to talk to you,” angrily said Jake. “Why don't you shut up Jacob!” yelled Harry. “I prefer Jake not Jacob,” shouted Jake. “Well I prefer to see you in hospital,” replied Harry. I suddenly shook Harry off my arm; Jake and Harry were head to head facing each other. I got in the middle of them. “Harry back off! I don't want to talk to you at the moment,” I shouted. Jake softly pushed me behind him. “Don't you ever kiss my girlfriend again,” said Harry. “She’s not your girlfriend dude, look on Facebook,” replied Jake. Suddenly Harry glared at me and pushed Jake away, “Wait you cancelled our relationship,” angrily shouted Harry. “Of course I did, you broke up with me so I changed it to single,” I replied. Suddenly everyone in the cafeteria was looking at us. Harry pulled me towards him, and Jake ended up pulling me away from Harry worried about what might happen, suddenly the next thing I knew Harry grabbed a chair and whacked Jake with it. I knew what Jake was like I was worried that Jake was going to retaliate; I was scared not knowing what was going to happen next.
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