5. Chapter 5

I looked out the side view mirror and saw Harry running, I put my foot on the accelerator, I looked behind and Harry stopped running, I was in tears, I wanted Harry back but he hurt me a lot. I reached home and went up to my room, I slammed my door behind me, life wasn’t fair, and he dumped me and now wants me back. I called Eleanor and talked about it to her, “Babe you’ve got to stay strong, he’s not worth it, we’ll find you another date to the formal,” said Eleanor. “But I don't want to go to the formal anymore,” I replied. “Babe I have no date so you’re going with me no matter what now come on, I’ll talk to you at school tomorrow and after school could you come and help me shop for my dress?” asked Eleanor. “Sure, I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” I replied. I hanged up on Chelsea and went to my computer, I went on Facebook and it still said I was in a relationship with Harry. I clicked on edit profile and cancelled the relationship. As soon as I clicked save I was crying, I shut the lid of my laptop and jumped on my bed, I cried and cried and cried, I was so upset.

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