4. Chapter 4

I said goodbye to Eleanor as I was I wanted to go home and rest, I walked outside and saw Harry standing there with a bunch of roses, “Babe I'm sorry please take me back,” said Harry. “Why don't you just piss of and leave me alone, If I wasn’t good enough for you, how am I good enough for you now,” I yelled. I started to walk to my car, Harry stood in front of me, I pushed him softly out of the way, and he slowly backed off. I opened my car door and he closed it, “What the hell are you doing,” I said angrily. Harry touches my waist, I looked down and the next thing I knew he tilted my head and kissed me passionately. He pulled me closer to him, I held my hand on his chest and pushed away, I went into my car and started it, and I was just about to drive off when Harry yelled. I drove off not hearing what Harry yelled. I was so angry at him. I suddenly stopped.

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