34. Chapter 34

One of the nurses handed Jake a bandage and suddenly all the doctor came over and started working on me, they put me on a hospital bed and rushed me down to surgery, and Jake grabbed Serena off the nurse and held her. Serena was crying, I knew it was because I wasn’t there but I was in surgery, and she was in good care. It was about 4 hours later they put me back in to the ward I was in, I was attached to machines and everything. I was still unconscious and I didn’t wake up until 3 more hours later. I saw Jake sitting in the chair beside my bed while holding Serena, he looked up and smiled then looked down at Serena, “Look mummy’s awake,” he said with a smile, he passed Serena over to me and I kissed her forehead, I know that she will grow up to be a beautiful intelligent girl.
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