33. Chapter 33

“Could that of been the guy who raped you?” asked Jake, “I don’t know honey I can’t remember,” I replied. “Well I’m going to kill him!” yelled Jake. “No!!” I screamed, it was too late Jake stormed out of the room. I picked up my body off the bed and told the nurse to stay with Serena and keep her quiet, I walked out of the room, the hospital was deserted, I fell over, my feet and arms and body were weak. “Hey beautiful, we meet again,” said Victor. “Who are you,” I said freaking out inside, “It’s me Chelsea’s father,” chuckled Victor. “No you can’t be! Chelsea’s father is dead!” I yelled hoping that Jake would hear me, “Haha, no I’m not dead im perfectly fine just been watching you all along and now I get revenge for the first time in over 30 years!” he laughed. “Revenge for what? I wasn’t alive 30 years ago, my parents were in high school back then,” I shouted. “You don’t get it, your precious mother dated my best friend, your dad and ended up marrying her, he knew I loved her but he used me,” he screamed, “Now I can finally get revenge on your whole family, by killing you!” he shouted. He pulled out his gun I turned around and saw Jake running towards me screaming “No!!” Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!!! The gun went off, I fell to the ground and so did Victor, he shot me in the chest near my heart and he ended up killing himself too. Jake rushed to my side, in tears, “Come on baby please stay with me, please stay with me,” Jake cried.

Jake was holding my head up; I was looking at Jake, shaking and smiling even though the blood was pouring out from my mouth I still managed to smile, he kissed my forehead and was holding my hand, “Please, please don’t leave me I need you here with Serena and I, please don’t go,” cried Jake. My eyes were slowly closing, I could see a bit of the darkness, suddenly all of the doctors and nurses saw me on the ground bleeding and shaking. “Please do something!” Jake shouted the doctors shook their heads; I was dying lying on the floor dying in front of my true love.
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