32. Chapter 32

Jake woke up an hour later hearing Serena screaming and crying, he rolled over and didn’t see me and jumped out of bed quickly, he walked in Serena's room and sees me lying on the floor blindfolded and tied down, he dived down and untied me and removed the blindfold, I was unconscious, he noticed that my arm was bleeding and a piece of broken glass was beside it, he looked at my arm and it said ‘Die’ he quickly called the police and the ambulance and tried to feel for my pulse. The ambulance came and took me to the hospital.

I was in intensive care, Jake went to see the doctor while I was asleep, “Can you tell me what happened?” asked Jake. “She was raped, she suffered a puncture wound in her back,” replied the doctor, “but I couldn’t see any blood?” replied Jake. “Well whoever did it must have cleaned it up, but she will be awake soon so you’ll be able to see her,” said the doctor. Jake thanked the doctor and waited outside my room with Serena. After a while Jake came in and saw me, “Hey babe, I hear they are going to transfer you down to the normal ward soon,” said Jake. “Yeah they are darling, where’s Serena?” I asked. “She’s with one of the nurses,” Jake replied. Jake looked at me and smiled. “I’m so sorry that this happened to you, I blame myself for this,” said Jake. “No babe don’t it wasn’t your fault at all!” I reassured Jake. Bang! Bang! Bang! “What the hell was that!” shouted Jake, one of the nurses ran into the room and locked the door, she was carrying Serena, and the nurse was scared and crying. “What's happening?” I said worriedly. “It’s him, Victor Corpses, he’s escaped from jail, he’s got a gun,” replied the nurse.
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