31. Chapter 31

I grabbed scrabble and ran back out to Jake, I winked at him and sat on the floor playing scrabble, Serena was finally asleep she was such a good baby, I got to catch up on a lot of stuff with Jake. It was finally time to go to bed Serena was still sleeping which was good; I went in a checked on her a few times. I went to the bedroom and saw Jake lying down finally we were going to make love together, I looked at Jake and smiled, I unzipped his pants and took off his shirt, he took off my shirt and bra and we went under the covers. I was afraid that I wouldn’t make it enjoyable for him but I didn’t care it was his first time and I was happy to be his first.

I woke up to Serena crying and screaming, I moaned and struggled out of bed, “what's wrong baby girl,” I said as I was walking down the hallway, I rubbed my eyes and walked into Serena’s room, I saw a man with a balaclava holding Serena in his hands, “Jake!!!” I screamed. The man saw me and put Serena down gently, I ran to get Jake but the man ran after me and I fell on the ground, he dragged me back to Serena’s room and locked the door. “Oh aren’t you beautiful,” he said to me. “Leave me alone please,” I said shaking. “Well I can’t because I want me in you now,” he said with a big grin. He pulled off all my clothes and tied me down. “You’re in for the best time of your life beautiful,” he said laughing his head off. I was so scared, I was crying, he put a blindfold on me and shoved a sock in my mouth I couldn’t scream or anything.
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