30. Chapter 30

I was released the next day from hospital with my beautiful baby Serena, she was really healthy now, as soon as I got home I went straight to my wardrobe, “Darling what are you doing?” asked Jake, “Well I’m getting my wedding magazines out,” I giggled. “Haha okays well I’m just going to make some lunch do you want some?” asked Jake, “I’d love some lunch,” I said smiling. Jake kissed me and walked off the kitchen, I looked at my engagement ring it was beautiful, I took it off and looked at the inside of the ring, it had ‘Forever in my heart and forever in my mind’ engraved on the inside of the ring. I smiled and got a bunch of magazines out of the wardrobe. I grabbed my mobile and called Hannah, my sister.

Hannah didn’t answer like usual, she better not be mad at me still for something I did like ten years ago, I cut off her barbie doll’s hair and ripped off the head and chucked in it the toilet. I still laugh just thinking about it, oh well I guess I’ll have to plan the wedding myself. I walked out into the kitchen and Jake was making sushi, “Hey babe,” said Jake. “Hey honey,” I replied I kissed him on the cheeks and he walked over to me and brought me over to the couch, he sat me down on the couch and gave me a plate of sushi. “So can we finally do it tonight?” I asked, “Do what babe?” replied Jake, “You know,” I winked. “Well we could do it now if you want?” said Jake. Jake winked at me and I ran into the bed room and headed straight for the wardrobe.
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