3. Chapter 3

I pulled out my handheld mirror out of my bag, I went at sat at the park across from the school, I looked into my mirror, I didn’t understand why Harry would break it off with me not after everything we went through. I noticed Eleanor was walking over to me, she sat next to me and hugged me, she grabbed a tissue from her bag and fixed up my makeup, we sat there for a while. “Come on beautiful, he’s not worth it,” said Eleanor “Don't say that, we both know he is worth it,” I muttered. Eleanor stood up and I looked at her, “I’m not just going to let you sit here by yourself crying and then later on eating ice-cream by yourself and watching a sad romantic movie,” Eleanor said. She winked at me and grabbed my hand, suddenly she told me to get in her car and I did.

We drove back to Eleanor's house we were in her room, she suddenly brought up two tubs of ice-cream and put on a movie, she was obviously my best friend cause she didn’t want me to go through my break up alone. We sat and watched the movie it was about 2 hours later, we decided to go outside and relax, and we put on our bikinis and stayed in the hot tub for an hour. Suddenly my phone rang, it was Harry! I wanted to answer my phone so bad but I was so angry at him that I didn’t want to talk to him, he kept texting me and I ended up turning off my phone because I was trying to move on, I didn’t want to talk to him, no matter how much he wants to talk to me.
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