26. Chapter 26

Jake called an ambulance and Eleanor, I was taken to the hospital, but Jake was by my side holding my hand throughout everything. The doctor came in with a chart, “I’m sorry but you’ve lost one of the babies,” said the doctor. I burst into tears and then stopped, “Wait what you mean one of the babies,” I said in shock. “You were having twins,” replied the doctor, Jake looked at me with a disappointed look on his face, “Babe you’ve still got a little baby in there alive,” said Jake. “We’ll keep you in hospital tonight and see how you go, but tomorrow we will put you into a induced labour,” said the doctor. The doctor walked out and Jake kissed my forehead, “We’ll get through this babe, I promise you,” said Jake.

Jake received a text, “uh I got to go, I’ll see you soon, love you babe,” said Jake, he kissed me and quickly left the room. I looked out the window it was raining, I started crying just knowing that I lost a beautiful baby but I then thought, I’d rather have her up in heaven then to suffer. I could just imagine what she’d look like, beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes, a cute button nose and dimples. It was about five minutes later I heard a knock on my door; I turned away from the window, “Harry!!!” I shouted.
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