25. Chapter 25

“What the hell,” yelled Eleanor, “I know right he’s acting like a dog,” laughed Jake. “Stop it, don’t talk crap about Harry, he’s upset, he needs time,” I replied. “No he doesn’t need time you need him,” said Eleanor. Jake coughs, “Well I’m going to be with Soph no matter what he thinks and I’ll help her raise this baby and then we’ll start a family,” replied Jake. Jake looked at me, grabbed my hand and smiled, “I still can’t believe you’re pregnant Soph, what do you think about it?” asked Eleanor. I shrugged my shoulders, “Uh I don’t really know it’s still a shock for me but as Jake said, we are going to raise this baby together and then have a family of our own,” I replied. I smiled and kissed Jake on the cheek, I was in love with Jake and I was forgetting about Harry.

I was about 31 weeks pregnant I was due really soon and I hadn’t heard from Harry in over 7 months, but it was okay because Jake and I are dating and he’s going to be an amazing father. “Honey oh my she’s kicking, feel,” I said grabbing Jake’s hand and placing it on my belly, “Looks like she might be a soccer player or a football player with kicks like that,” smiled Jake. “I might just go for a shower now,” I said to Jake. “Sure thing babe,” replied Jake. I went into the bathroom and took off my clothes I was just about to get into the shower when I saw blood pouring down my legs, “Jake!!” I screamed. “Help!!” I shouted, Jake ran into the bathroom and found me lying on the ground covered in blood.
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