22. Chapter 22

“I can’t, I’m sorry.” I cried. I got up and walked away, but Harry grabbed my arm, “Tell me,” yelled Harry. “I’m pregnant,” I cried, “You were on the pill though how can this happen,” said Harry. “I was never on the pill,” I said looking at Harry. “Oh my gosh, how can you be so bloody stupid,” shouted Harry. Harry grabbed his keys and slammed the front door, I ran outside, “Harry! Please,” I screamed. Harry drove off in his car. I ran inside running to the bathroom, I felt like an idiot. Harry hates me and I have no one. I ended up falling asleep in the bathroom; I was woken up by a loud bang.

Bang! The bathroom door slammed open, I looked up and saw Jake, and he got on his knees and leaned over and hugged me. “Jake, why are you here?” I mumbled. Jake kissed me on my lips, “I’m so sorry that I haven’t been talking but im going to support you and your baby,” said Jake. “I thought you hated me,” I cried. “No, I could never hate you Soph, don’t think that ever,” whispered Jake. I passionately kissed Jake, “Wait where’s Harry?” I asked. “Oh,” sighed Jake. “Please tell me,” I said quickly. “He’s on the next flight out,” said Jake.
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