20. Chapter 20

“Hello,” I mumbled. “Honey It’s me your mum, it’s about Harry, you have to get out of the house now, go run away, run away with Jake please just go, you’re not safe at home,” cried my mum. “Mum what Harry is dead?” I said worriedly. “No honey he isn’t but I’m afraid you’ll get hurt. Just leave go,” said Mum. She hanged up. I woke Jake up and told him what happened. “Why am I not safe anymore?” I asked Jake, “Maybe he found out what happened last night between us,” replied Jake. I dropped my head into my palms of my hand. Jake grabbed my arm and took me outside into the car. I look out the window, “Sophie, duck!!” screamed Jake.

Bam! The window smashed on the car door, I took a quick glance and saw it was Harry with a baseball bat, “How dare you have sex with my girlfriend!!” yelled Harry. “Harry stop, we didn’t have sex!” I screamed. “What?” asked Harry? He dropped the baseball bat. “Sophie, we need to get you to the hospital!” yelled Jake. “What why?” I said quickly. “You’re bleeding,” replied Jake. I ran inside and looked in the mirror, was face was cut and bleeding. I dropped on the ground and cried; my face was horrible. Harry ran into the bathroom seeing me on the ground crying my eyes out. “Baby, I’m sorry,” said Harry. “Its okay,” I said quietly. Harry leaned over and hugged me.
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