19. Chapter 19

Jake knocked on the bathroom door, “Sophie, you okay?” he asked politely. I wiped away my tears, “I’m fine, I’m just feeling kind of weak,” I replied. I open the door and saw Jake smiling with a bunch of roses, he gave them to me and I smelled them, I giggled and kissed Jake on the cheek. I stopped and looked at Jake, “Wait is Harry okay?” I asked. Jake grabbed my hand, and looked away, “I know im ugly but look at me and tell me, is he okay?” I started crying. “You’re not ugly never say that about yourself!” shouted Jake. I looked at Jake and bolted to Harry’s room, the bed was empty. I dropped to the floor and cried. Jake slid on his knees and hugged me, “I’m sorry Soph, I really am,” whispered Jake.

I was released from hospital, Jake took me home. We were home alone as mum and dad went to go shopping, I took Jake’s hand and invited him up to my room, and we were lying next to each other cuddling together. Jake pulled my waist closer to him, and I wrapped my legs around his body, we rolled over and I was laying down on the bed. Jake started to kiss my neck and I sat up and started to make out with Jake. I took Jake’s shirt off and pushed him down on the bed, Jake was just about to take my shirt off when I pushed him away a little bit. “What’s wrong?” asked Jake. “I’m sorry, I want to but I cant stop thinking of Harry and my body looks horrible since the accident,” I told Jake. Jake grabbed my hands, “I don’t care what you look like on the outside, I care about what’s on the inside,” said Jake. “So my blood and guts,” I chuckled. “No, your heart, if you’re not ready I’m not going to force you,” said Jake. I looked at Jake and I took off my shirt and started to make out with him again. Jake looked at me with a smile. We pulled over the covers and Jake spent the night with me. Jake’s arms were around my waist and we were both sleeping until the phone rang.
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