17. Chapter 17

Harry drove away, I started running after the car, and I ran like so fast I ended up catching up, Harry’s car stopped. He put his hand on the wheel and pressed down hard on the pedal. “Harry!” I shouted. Harry’s car hit the brick wall. “No!!” I screamed, I was crying so hard and ran over to Harry. Harry was unconscious but still alive. I saw a massive crowd of people running towards the car. I touched Harry’s face, he was cold as ice. I suddenly heard sirens it was an ambulance, and the fire brigade. They took Harry out of the smashed car, he was on a stretcher. The ambulance quickly left and took Harry to the hospital. I started to run back to the hospital, my feet were bruised and scratched, I could feel everything now, and it wasn’t like before. They must have turned one of the machines on because I started to feel a lot of pain. I saw Harry being carried on the stretcher, one of the ambulance officers started to do CPR. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Suddenly I felt sharp pain in my chest. I saw Harry in the emergency room struggling for his life, I fell to the ground, and I started to shake. I heard a loud beeping noise it was one of the machines I was hooked up too. The next thing I knew was I opened my eyes; I was lying in the hospital bed. Eleanor was stroking my hair and holding my hand. She saw me open my eyes and kissed my hand, “I’m glad you’re okay babe,” said Chelsea. “Where’s Harry?” I mumbled. “Harry is in intensive care at the moment he was in a terrible accident,” replied Eleanor. “I have to see him,” I said quickly trying to get up. “No babe you need your rest, we’ll see him later I promise,” replied Eleanor.
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