16. Chapter 16

My dad was taken outside, I was standing there suddenly Harry walked straight through me, I felt a slight pain in my stomach, Harry walked over to my body he lifted up my head slowly and kissed me on the lips, he slowly put my head down and started to cry. He put his lips towards my ear, “I will never leave you,” whispered Harry. He held my hand and sat down. I felt warm inside, I couldn’t stop smiling just watching Harry sit there watching me. I started to cry just knowing that I’ll never be able to feel or talk to Harry anymore. Harry fell asleep in the chair hoping that I’d come back to life. But I didn’t. I was just watching everything knowing that I’d never be able to feel love or anything again.

I looked at Harry he was peacefully sleeping holding onto my hand tightly, I took my hand and gently brushed a piece of his hair out of his face. The was looking at Harry and heading towards his lips just to see if I could kiss him, Harry suddenly woke up to a loud beeping noise. Beep, Beep, Beep, suddenly one of the nurses rushed in and played with the machine, she called for the doctor and they were murmuring and whispering to each other. “What’s going on?” said Harry as he slowly stood up. The doctor and the nurse looked at Harry and turned away continuing to whisper. Harry walked over to the door and punched it, “Tell me what’s going on, I love her, I need to know,” yelled Harry. Harry started to get angry and cry. The doctors were looking at Harry and Harry stormed out of the room, I saw him kick over the hospital chairs. I ran after Harry just hoping he would stop, he ran towards his car and got in it. He started the engine. He put his hand on his head and then on the steering wheel. He looked up and said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t live without you.”
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