15. Chapter 15

“My mum doesn’t really like Sophie and she told me to break up with her otherwise I’d move away,” said Harry. “Oh wow, so you do really love Sophie?” asked Eleanor, “Of course I do, I wouldn’t of gone back to save her if I didn’t,” replied Harry. “I’m such a screw up, she’s dating Jake now and they’re happy and once again im back here sitting on this chair just like last year,” said Harry. He put his head down; I could see he was disappointed in himself and that he really did love me. I’m fighting for my life and I also have to pick between two amazing guys? It’s stressful, I decided to go for a walk to see where my mum and dad were, and I looked everywhere but couldn’t find them. I started to think to myself, what if they don’t know what if they don’t know im in hospital fighting for my life again.

I look behind and see the doctors exit my hospital room, they were shaking their heads and Harry fell on his knees and started to cry, Eleanor grabbed Harry and hugged Him, they were both crying their eyes out, I see my mum and dad run towards the doctor in a panic and the doctor starts to talk. I see my mum’s face slowly dropped and hugged my dad; my dad’s facial expression was shocked he hugged my mum and then ran into my room. Everything was slowing down like in slow mode. My dad grabbed my hand and started to cry the doctors tried to pull him away from me, I was terrified, I was holding my hand on my face, and a tear dropped from my eye.
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