14. Chapter 14

I was lying down helplessly, I suddenly see a figure in the smoke I couldn’t tell who it was. I coughed and suddenly the roof started to come down. Meanwhile outside everyone was gathering around and Harry and Jake noticed I was nowhere to be seen, Jake was just about to head back inside the building until Harry pushed him back and ran in after me, “Sophie where are you?” shouted Harry. Harry heard me coughing and ran to my side, he tried to pick me up but I was stuck under a piece of wood. “Sophie!” yelled Jake. Jake heard Harry and I and came running to my side. “She's caught under a piece of wood,” said Harry. I felt weird and woozy, I fell unconscious again. Jake touched my face “She’s unconscious we need to get her out of here,” yelled Jake. Jake and Harry lifted the piece of wood off me, and Harry suddenly picked me up and ran. Jake and Harry got out safely and brought me out, I was lying in the middle of the street, unconscious, Jake tried to feel for a pulse and couldn’t feel one, and he started CPR while Harry called an ambulance. I was completely burnt, my dress was ruined and I wasn’t breathing.

The ambulance turned up and took me straight to the hospital, I was in intensive care, and I still didn’t have a pulse so the doctors let Jake have a rest. Jake and Harry were outside the hospital room I was in, Harry looked at Jake and got up and pushed Jake out of his chair. “What the hell dude,” yelled Jake. “You’re an idiot you know stealing my girl,” yelled Harry. “I didn’t steal her you broke up with her it’s not my fault you lost an amazing girl,” shouted Jake. Harry pushed Jake on the ground and started punching him in the nose. Jake pushes Harry off him and walks away, Harry sits back down and Eleanor sits beside him, she hands him a cup of water, as she sighs. “I’m so stupid,” said Harry. “You’re not stupid Harry,” replied Eleanor. “I shouldn’t have broken up with her,” said Harry. “Why did you break up with her then?” Eleanor asked. I was watching just watching like I did last year for some reason I can hear and see them but I can’t actually talk to them or anything, I could see myself laying in the bed injured while the doctors are trying to revive me and I couldn’t do anything. “Well,” said Eleanor
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