13. Chapter 13

Finally after waiting so long the formal was tonight, I got the day off at school, I went to the hairdressers and got my hair done, I went home and did my makeup, I put on my dress and got ready, and everything was perfect. I walked downstairs and saw Jake in his suit, he looked amazing, and we spent half an hour getting professional photos done. Jake took my hand and took me outside to where a hummer was waiting for us, the hummer took us to the convention centre in town, I walked in with Jake holding hands with him, everyone smiled as we walked pass them, suddenly everyone gasped and I turned around and saw.

I see Renee and Harry walking in together, my eyes are opened wide, and everyone was shocked. They weren’t holding hands until Renee punched Harry in the shoulder and grabbed his hand. I couldn’t believe it they were dating. Harry looked over at me and saw me holding hands with Jake; Harry let out a sigh and walked away towards a table. Jake took me over to the table near Harry’s table. I sat down and there were heaps of candles with a sheet covering the tables. I had a bad feeling about tonight. Jake suddenly kissed me on the cheek and took my hand and walked me to the dance floor.

They were playing a slow romantic song, Jake bowed to me and asked to dance, he held out his hand and I slowly took his hand. He put his hands on my waist, and I slowly put my hands on his shoulders. We danced and danced, we eventually stopped and sat down and talked to everyone, everyone looked really nice. Suddenly Renee walked over to me, “You seem a look a bit desperate honey,” said Renee. “Oh why don't you back off,” I replied. Renee was whispering stuff about me to her friends, I slapped her in the face, she gasped and pushed me into a table and then grabbed my hair and pushed me on the ground, none of us noticed that the candles on the table fell on the sheets, a fire was starting, since this was at the back of the room no one noticed. We all smelt smoke, we turned around and saw the humongous fire that was raging behind us, everyone started to evacuate the building, Jake grabbed my arm and was pulling me towards the exit, there was so many people that Jake got pushed out of the exit leaving me behind. It was hot, I could hardly see anything until I saw Renee, and she came over to me and pushed me into the wall and I fell on the ground, she quickly ran out. I was knocked out, the fire was getting bigger and bigger I was helpless everyone was outside and I was stuck inside of a burning building.
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