11. Chapter 11

I see Renee and Harry at the jewellers Harry was picking out a ring and put it on Renee’s hand. I was so pissed off; Jake took my hand and pulled me over to the side. “I wanted to give you something,” said Jake. I was shocked no one had ever gotten something for me, “Close your eyes,” said Jake. I closed my eyes and held out my hand, I felt a little box, I was just about to open my eyes when Jake suddenly kissed me, after Jake kissed me I opened the little box, I gasped. “Jake this is truly beautiful,” I screamed. I hugged Jake tightly, I couldn’t believe what Jake got me it was absolutely beautiful.

“Look on the side of it,” said Jake. Jake got me a beautiful diamond sliver ring, I looked on the side of the ring, I started to cry, “Of course I will,” I said. Jake hugged me and spun me around, I couldn’t believe Jake brought a ring for me and got ‘Will you be mine?’ Engraved on the side, I put the ring on my finger, it was amazing everything was perfect, I was now dating Jake and he was my date to the formal. We walked past Renee and Harry holding hands, Harry gasped and looked at Renee, something was up, Harry was shocked and Renee looked at us weird. We walked around the corner and I quickly took a glance at them, “You said this plan would work, it didn’t now they’re dating,” shouted Harry. I quickly ran away, what plan? I had no idea what was going on, I had a really bad feeling that something bad was going to happen I just didn’t know what
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