10. Chapter 10

“I’d love to be your date to the formal.” Jake smiled and hugged me, I was really happy that Jake asked me to the formal, but I was still upset from what happened between me and Harry. I went to the counter and brought a packet of popcorn and 2 drinks; I offered to share some popcorn with Jake and gave him one of the drinks. We sat at the back of the movie theatre watching the movie together, suddenly Jake yawned and put his arm over my shoulder, I smiled and thought to myself, he’s so cute trying a move that’s like what 50 million years old, I put my in between his neck and shoulders. After the movie finished we were heading towards the exit of the theatre, I was so surprised when I saw.

Harry and Renee holding hands, Renee saw me and glared at me, Jake looked at my face and turned around and saw Harry and Renee, Jake suddenly grabbed me by the waist, I looked up at Jake and he kissed me passionately. Harry took a step forward and Renee suddenly stepped in front of him and pushed him back, Renee gave me the rude finger and walked away with Harry. I completely forgot about Harry for a minute and just focused on kissing Jake, I wasn’t thinking, I was just standing there with Jake in the middle of the hallway of the movie theatre. Jake softly pushed me by the waist away from him, he just smiled and laughed. Jake took my hand and we left the movies, we went downstairs and decided to grab something to eat. We ended up walking around for about an hour or 2. Everything was going well, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Harry and Renee, although I was angry at Harry I was a little jealous.
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