Dreams Come True

this is a fan fic about one direction if you dont like one direction then you not gonna like this so dont click it :)


8. the date

RECAP:niall took nacy to nandos for the date

niall:*orders food*do you want the same as me babe

nancy:yeah sure

niall:you sure you can eat it all??

nancy:niall since when do u see me not eating

niall:true...thats why i love you

nancy:i love you too

niall:make that two of everything


nancy:*sits down*

niall:*brings food*here babe

nancy:thank you baby

niall:no prob*sits down*

*they talk while eating*

niall:hey wanna go to the beach

nancy:yeah sure

niall:okay come on

                                                ~AT THE BEACH~

niall:*gets out of the car and opens nancys door*

nancy:awe...thats so sweet thank you*gets out of the car*

niall:your welcom love*gets a blanket out of the trunk*

nancy:*waits for niall*

niall:*grabs nancys hand and leads her down to the beach*

nancy:this is so beautiful

niall:you mean like you*lays the blanket down*

nancy:awe*sits down on the blanket*

niall:cone on*holds hand out*


niall:come with me

nancy:okay*takes heels off and takes his hand*

niall:*pulls her up*

nancy:where are we going?

niall:youll see*takes her hand and runs down to the water*

nancy:niall what are you doing i dont have extra clothes

niall:yeah i know*picks nancy up and puts her in the water*

nancy:OMG ITS COLD!!!!!!

niall:*swims over to nancy*ill warm you up*pulls her into his arms*

nancy:oh really *smiles*



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