Dreams Come True

this is a fan fic about one direction if you dont like one direction then you not gonna like this so dont click it :)


10. the beach cont.

a/n:hey guys its been soooo long since i updated so shall we continue :)

nancy:i love you niall

niall:i love you too babe

-song ends-

nancy:*smiles and kisses niall and sits down*

niall:*smiles and kisses nancy*

nancy:im cold baby

niall:well come here

nancy:*stands back upand walks towards niall*

niall:*opens his arms*

nancy:*runs in to his open arms*

niall:i love you soo much beautiful

nancy:im not beautiful*steps back*

niall:yes you are

nancy:no im not...who would ever think that

niall:...i do

nancy:then you must be blind bc im ugly

niall:no nancy i think your the one that is blind...*steps forward**sings* your insecure dont know what for your turnin heads when you walk through the door-or-or dont need make up to cover up *puts hand on nancys face*

nancy:*turns back towards niall*

niall:*stands behind her and wraps his arms around her and finishes singing WYMB* you truely are beautiful i just wish you could see from my eyes

nancy:*turns around with arms crossed* i dont wanna see from your eyes cause then ill see how ugly i truely am

niall:thats the point

nancy:you want me to see how ugly i am?

niall:no...i want you to see what you really look like instead of what you judge yourself to look like...your the most amazing,beautiful,sweet,and smart woman ive ever met and i couldnt have asked for anything better...

nancy:niall that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me...you must really do love me

niall:of course i do why wouldnt i...ive always loved you

nancy:and ill never stop

niall:awe baby i cant wait to make you mine forever

nancy:you already did

niall:what you mean i already did?

nancy:i already am yours forever...never once DID YOU LEAVE MY MIND!

niall:i will love you forever and always

nancy:as will i baby...as will i

niall:hey babe you ready to go home

nancy:yeah sure will you be able to stay a lil bit wit me n ashh

niall:of course

nancy:josh will prob be there

niall:yeah prob haha i love you babygirl

nancy:i love you too babyboy *smiles*

niall:*smiles and packs everything up*

nancy:*helps carry things to the car*

niall:thank you baby *opens car door for nancy*

nancy:no babe thank you

niall:for what

nancy:the most amazing night ever

niall:well your welcome...you deserved it

nancy:so did you *smiles*

niall:*kisses nancy and gets in and takes her home*

-skip the car ride-


a/n:hey guys well that is it for now love you guys im goin to bed!! hope you enjoy...plz give me feed back should i stop writing or should i continue??


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