Dreams Come True

this is a fan fic about one direction if you dont like one direction then you not gonna like this so dont click it :)


12. still at nancys house

Nancy:how could you guys do this??

Ashley:im sorry nancy

Olivia:so does this mean we are off the hook


harry:elmo i sooo very sorry please dont be mad at me *gives nancy puppy dog eyes and hugs her*

Nancy:no harry im not falling for the puppy eyes...only nialls will work on me!!

Niall:hahaha i found your weakness with me hahaha *smiles and hugs nancy*

Nancy:dang it you wernt supposed to find out crap

Niall:you know you love me baby

Nancy:sadly yes i do

Niall:what do you mean sadly

Nancy:babe i was joking i do love you and im proud to have you as my boyfriend!

Niall:awe babe i love you

Nancy:i know haha i love me too haha i love you too

Niall:smart ass

Nancy:*smacks his arm* hey by the way where did kaitlyn go??

Olivia:ohh yeah zayn called her and asked her out

Nancy:awe oh yeah i gotta text chloe *texts Chloe and destiny*

~chloe and destiny arrive~


a/n:sorry for such a short chapter just wanted to get something updated






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