Dreams Come True

this is a fan fic about one direction if you dont like one direction then you not gonna like this so dont click it :)


3. niall

~when niall arrives~

nancy:hey niall

niall:hey nancy*opens arms for a hug*

nancy:maybe i dont want a hug

niall:ohh*sad face*

nancy:niall i was joking come here*runs in to his arm*

niall:i was gonna say lol...

nancy:niall never change please your perfect the way you are

niall:theres only one thing i wanna change

nancy:whats that

niall:me and you

nancy:what do you mean

niall:nancy i want you to be mine forever...will you be my princess

nancy:YES! OF COURSE!!!


nancy:yes*kisses him*

niall:*kisses back*

nancy:im officially the happiest person on earth

niall:i doubt that

nancy:what...ur niall james horan the sexiest man on earth

niall:yes but im not dating myself

nancy:no that would be kinda wierd if you were

niall:yes but my point is i have the most beautiful girl on earth to be my princess

nancy:ive been you princess all along i was just waiting for you to realize it

niall:oh ive realized it i just didnt think you liked me back

nancy:niall who wouldnt like you

niall:lots of people

nancy:thats right...cuz they love you

niall:oh yeah then name one person

nancy:okay then...me


nancy:me...i love you niall

niall:awe i love you too nancy

nancy:*texts olivia chloe destiny and kailey to come over*

a/n:srry for this being a short chapter i just wanna keep you guys guessing :) i hope you like it plzz give me feed back


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