Dreams Come True

this is a fan fic about one direction if you dont like one direction then you not gonna like this so dont click it :)


17. kait and zayn

a/n:this one is gonna be about kait and zayn ;) lets see what happenens

-kait arrives to zayns house-


zayn:*answers* hey kait


zayn:umm...come in...

kait:thanks*walks in*

zayn:*walks behind her and grabs her hand and spins her around* look kait i really like you your the mot amazing girl ive ever met and i think its time i show you how i feel

kait:zayn i like-

zayn:*leans in and kisses kait*

kait:*smiles through out the kiss* that was...

zayn: the most amazing kiss ever

kait:yes it was


kait:yeah zayn?

zayn:would you do me the honor in being my girlfriend?

kait:of course i would zayn

zayn:*kisses kait*

kait:but wait*backs away*


kait:what about that perrie chick

zayn:im done with her...i never wanted her ive always wanted you


zayn:yes really...im in love with you...

kait:and all your little things...

zayn:i love you *smiles*

kait:i love you too*leans up to kiss zayn again*


a/n:sorry for the short chapter <33

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