Dreams Come True

this is a fan fic about one direction if you dont like one direction then you not gonna like this so dont click it :)


13. flashback

a/n:sorry guys this may be a little dirty

~before Nancy and Niall got home~

josh:hey babe


josh:wanna  take our relationship a little bit farther??


josh:lets go to your room


harry:where are you to going??

ashley:i wanna show josh something

harry:ohh okay


~ashley and josh go to her room~

-in ashleys room-

josh:are you sure you wanna do this babe??

ashley:yes im sure *pushes josh back on the bed and crawls on top of him*

josh:*bites his lip* i love you babe

ashley:i love you too *lifts josh's shirt up*

josh:*takes ashleys shirt off*

ashley:*kisses him*

josh:*kisses back*

ashley:*undresses josh*

josh:*undresses ashley*

ashley:hold on one sec babe


ashley:*gets up and walks over to the closet and gets whip cream and cherries*

josh:what is that for?

ashley:youll see*puts whip cream on his dick and puts cherries around it*

josh:oh baby

ashley:*licks it off*


ashley:*crawls back on top of him*

josh:mm....my turn


josh:*rolls ashley off and rolls on top of her*


josh:*works his way down her body to her vagina*

ashley:how far are you going to take this

josh:as far as i can babe*sticks his tongue in her vagina*

ashley:uhhh ohh my gosh josh!!! i need you in me!!

josh:works his way back up her body and sticks his dick inside of her*

ashley:oh my god babe you are so amazing!!

josh:ohh baby..uh babe i think i uh i think im gonna cum

ashley:dont worry baby i am too*moans*

josh:dont you think we are taking this a bit too far?

ashley:no but if u wanna stop we can

josh:no i was just thinking maybe i could uhh finger you?

ashley:of course you can...only on one condition

josh:oh yeah and what is that

ashley:can i suck your dick

josh:if you want you yeah


josh:i get to go first...*makes his way down her body once more an starts to finger her*

ashley:oh god baby keep going!! *moans*

~10 minutes pass by~

ashley:okay babe my turn

josh:oh okay babe*lays beside ashley*

ashley:*makes her way down his body leaving butterfly kisses*

josh:*smiles and moans quietly*

ashley:*slowly cups her hands around his dick and places her lips gently around the tip*

josh:oh my baby oh myy*cums in her mouth*

~after about 5 minutes~

ashley:*collapse on the bed beside josh*

josh:that was so amazing babe

ashley:yeah it was

josh:i love you

ashley:i love you too*kisses josh*

josh:*kisses back*

~nancy and niall come home~

a/n:im really really sorry about the really dirty details!!








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