Dreams Come True

this is a fan fic about one direction if you dont like one direction then you not gonna like this so dont click it :)


20. ellie

-eleanor arrives at nancys house-

eleanor:-knocks on the door-

louis:ill get it -goes to get up off the couch-

nancy:lou dont bout it i got it -jumps over the couch and falls on her face-

niall:omg babe are you okay?


niall:whats wrong

nancy:oh i dont know maybe its just that I HAVE A FACE FULL OF CARPET

niall im sorry babe here-holds hand out to help her up-

nancy:-takes his hand,gets up and opens the door-



livy:hm...so you found a new best friend

nancy:livy i already promised you i wasnt going to replace you

livy:sure whatever

eleanor:look livy just bc nancy is your best friend that doesnt mean that she cant be mine too

livy:she cant be mine if you keep taking her away from me

nancy:livy shes not taking me away

eleanor:im not taking her away

livy:yes you are!

eleanor:no im not...here how about tomorrow us girls can go shopping and the boys can go have fun and kait if you would like you can come

kait:that would be lovely thanks el

eleanor:no prob sweetie

livy:so now your going to try to take kait away from me too

kait:livy im not going anywhere

livy:uh huh thats what they all say

nancy:livy will you stop this nonsense please

livy:im sorry that i dont want to lose my best friend

nancy:livy i already told you your not losing me

livy:i dont know that

nancy:well i do

eleanor:livy look i want to be friends with all you girls cuz your all amazing but it just so happens that i have a lot more in common with nancy and im sorry if it feels like im taking your best friend away i dont mean too i just want us all to be really good friends

livy:i suppose we try this whole really good friends thing out

louie:good now my fave girl and best friends are all friends yey

niall:i think its really nice of you livy to give el a chance

harry:yeah it is

livy:as long as she doesnt take my best friend away were all good

eleanor:i promise livy i wont i just want to be your best friend too

livy:thats sweet thanks

eleanor:no prob hun


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