Dreams Come True

this is a fan fic about one direction if you dont like one direction then you not gonna like this so dont click it :)


7. before the date

a/n:hey guys srry i havent updated i had skool....hope u enjoy :)

harry:your a girl

nancy:yes i always have been

harry:no i mean you actually look like a girl

nancy:gee thanks

harry:no nancy what im tryin to say is

nancy:i look horrible right

harry & niall:noo

nancy:then what

harry:you look hott

nancy:uhh thanks i think*confused look*

niall:dude back off shes mine*comes in and wraps his arms around nancy and kisses her*

harry:*does the same to olivia*ik i got livy anyways


harry:hey kaitlyn


harry:zayn likes you

kaitlyn:he does

harry:yes...doesnt he niall

niall:he really does...your all he tlks about


harry & niall:yes

niall:hey babe you ready to go??


nancy:guys please dont trash my house

olivia:we wont

nancy:yeah right i know you livy

olivia:skittles i promise i wont

nancy:curly fry please dont let them mess up my house

harry:i wont elmo

nancy:thank you bye*walks out the door*

olivia:bye food buddy

niall:food buddy??

olivia:yeah im making you my food buddy

niall:okay bye guys*walks out the door*


a/n:sorry for such a short chapter i just wanted to give you some info before the next chapter should i keep goin or should i stop??


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