Dreams Come True

this is a fan fic about one direction if you dont like one direction then you not gonna like this so dont click it :)


18. back to nancys house

RECAP:nancy and louie were fighting and harry stepped in for the sake of his too best friends

nancy:harry just stay outta it

louie:yeah stay out of it

harry:i willnot stay out of it


harry:i dont want my too best friends fightinh

louie:mate calm down were just messing around...nancy is like my little sister i would never hurt her

nancy:yeah and louie is like my big brother i wouldnt do anything to risk our friendship

harry:are you guys sure about that

nancy and louie:yes were sure

harry:if you sure then hug

louie:okay fine come her nancy

nancy:*runs in to louies arms* see were all good

louie:perfectly fine

harry:okay good

niall:okay lou let my girl go

louie:maybe i dont wanna let her go

niall:let nancy go

nancy:*backs away*

niall:hands off my girlfriend

harry:dude calm down they were just hugging

liam:yeah dude i hug nancy all the time like right now *hugs nancy*

nancy:*looks at liam and hugs him back*

niall: yeah but she is your best friend im cool with that im not sure what lou is gonna try to do with her

louie:im not going to do anything with her...shes your girlfriend i would never hurt you like that mate....ever and thats a promise....i care way too much about you to do that

livy:niall that should mean something when he says he cares cuz he doesnt really care about anything other than having fun

niall:yeah ik but still i just dont want to lose nancy

nancy:niall you aint ever gonna lose me i promise i love you and only you

niall:you really mean that

nancy:yes i really mean that...niall you are my everything...you have no clue how long ive waited to get together with you i fell in love with you the minute i saw you back stage on the x-factor

niall:i fell in love with you the very second harry started telling us about you

liam:nancy you were on his mind 24/7 after harry told us about you and showed us a picture of you

nancy:harry you showed them a picture of me?

harry:um yeah...the one you put in my wallet before i left for the show

nancy: i cant believe you kept that in there

harry:why not...your my best friend elmo and im not ashamed to be your best friend

niall:just like im not ashamed to be your boyfriend id do anything for you nancy

livy:niall you are a very lucky guy to have such a beautiful girl as your girlfriend

niall:i am pretty lucky to have the most beautiful girl on earth to be my princess arnt i

harry,livy louie and liam:yes you are

nancy:guys im not beautiful

liam:yeah you are

louie:yes you are...


harry:your the most beautiful...*death glare from livy* best friend in the whole world

livy:that better be what you were gonna say

harry:it was i swear

nancy:livy that would just be awkward if he said something else

niall:he better have not planned on saying something else

harry:i wasnt i promise

niall:good...nancys mine *looks at nancy in the eyes*

nancy:only yours*stares into niall blue eyes and leans in and kisses him*

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