"You Don't Know You're Beautiful"

Nicole and Lily are just two directioners going to a signing at a mall when Harry from one direction tells them to wait for him after the signings over...Nicole sees that it's all a scam harry made up and storms off...that wasn't good her being alone..because what happened next NOBODY would have guessed in a million years...not even you! Read a few chapters and you'll get hooked.


8. Last Moments

Harry's POV:
Where is she ?. Why do these things always happen to me? I ran and ran. I don't know why but something just made me want to find her. Like a sign or something. I finally saw her at a candy stop. I decided to go up to her gently. "Hey Nicole" ...it took her a few seconds to respond. "Hi Harry.Why are you here?"....."Looking for you of course" ....."Why" is all she said before she turned and started to walk away. Clearly she was mad at me. I grabbed her by the arm. "Please Nic--" then I got interrupted by the mall's loud speaker. "Attention, Attention, Run Run Now Pl--" Then a shot. " Don't try to run. It will get you no where. We've already shut the mall down and have men everywhere. Your all going to die." I looked at Nicole in horror and she did aswell. "look Nicole I know you don't like me right now, but we really need to go come with me. We ran past screaming people with her pressing against my body.... I kind of liked it....we ran to a bathroom and hid in the big stall. "What's happening??? " Nicole frantically screaming sobbing. It's okay it's okay. I said and took her in with a hug. She accepted, but then pulled away quickly. "No! Why should I trust you. You invite me and my best friend making us feel special and then we come and find a million other girls in the same room, now tell me again how you 'care' about me? Yeah okay " ....::"I DO CARE ABOUT YOU" I shouted. " I was just trying to see if any one was a true girl, and when I saw you leave, I knew you were sincear. I knew I had to find my true girl. " she just stood there looking up into my eyes, oh no she looked hurt again, what Do I do? Do I--- I got cut off by her smashing her lips upon mine. Sparks everywhere. I slipped my hand on her waist and my other on her lower back. Perfect, it was perfect. But, when it was too good to be true,
We were interrupted by people entering the bathroom. "Look for people here " I heard a voice say. "Quick! " I whispered "let's climb up on the toilette seat" we jumped up praying to God �� that they wouldn't find us and hurt us right when I have found the perfect girl for me. We pressed up against eachother. If I had to die, I'd be fine dying right now being this happy. Then, I heard the lock click on the door.

This is it I thought.
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