"You Don't Know You're Beautiful"

Nicole and Lily are just two directioners going to a signing at a mall when Harry from one direction tells them to wait for him after the signings over...Nicole sees that it's all a scam harry made up and storms off...that wasn't good her being alone..because what happened next NOBODY would have guessed in a million years...not even you! Read a few chapters and you'll get hooked.


2. "Getting to meet our boys"

Nicole's POV:
We arrived at the Willowbrook Mall in NJ, just in time for the signing to start. Since we actually LIVED in NEw Jersey, it didn't take long at all to get there. When we arrived we went straight to the food putt where the signing was, and waited
for a long time. We were one of the last people...not more than 20 behind us. Finally, One Direction popped out. We all screamed and yelled. "How's everybody doing today?!" Liam Said quite enthusiastically. "Let's get this started!" Harry joined in and said. "WOOOOOO" I screamed....yeahhh as you can tell, Harry's my favorite. He was also lily's favorite, so we were both screaming. I might have been a little annoying and loud, but wouldn't you be too if your idols were standing smack right in front of you? We were almost at the front, we were in their view, so I was trying to fix my hair and everything because I looked like a complete mess from being shoved around, and I was NOT about to meet them like this. Soon after, Harry said,"We're almost done! Hi last few people!" And waved. Of COURSE I screamed--I guess a little too loud because the girl behind me shouted "SHUT UP ASSWHOLE". And she punched me. I am a strong person, and would have retaliated but she punched me right in the nose and it hurt so bad, that I couldn't move. I fell to the ground.
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