"You Don't Know You're Beautiful"

Nicole and Lily are just two directioners going to a signing at a mall when Harry from one direction tells them to wait for him after the signings over...Nicole sees that it's all a scam harry made up and storms off...that wasn't good her being alone..because what happened next NOBODY would have guessed in a million years...not even you! Read a few chapters and you'll get hooked.


5. Getting the CD signed.

Lily's POV:
Why would someone punch another person like that? Well it didn't matter the girl was gone now and I was finally at the front if the line. First was Liam. "Hi Liam!" I quickly said. "Hello love." Was his reply. Then Niall, then Louis, all the same routine; then Zayn, then Harry. (AGH) "Hello Harryy!" I said cutely. "Ello"...."Oh, and um, can you please sign, get better Nicole on this cd? She got punched in line and couldn't make it up here :/ and your her favorite so..." I stated sadly. "Oh sure, but when is she now?" He asked. "Over there��" I pointed to the huddled security guards. "I can't really see her, but send her my best wishes." He said. Before he was done, I had gotten a picture of Nicole on my phone of her at the beach in her bikini. It was taken when she was tere with her ex boyfriend Will, and I. It was bad memories to her, so before I deleted it, I said to myself that every time she felt like she wasn't good enough for Harry styles, or anyone, I could show her and brighten up her day. He was giving me the cd back when I showed it to him. It took him a second to respond but then almost immediatly he said," um can I have that cd back a minute?" When he was done and I was walking away, he said "hum take these wristbands...they'll allow you to go into the backroomafter the signing to meet me again. see you there." He say with a wonky face. I accepted and ran back to Nicole absolutely screaming.
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