"You Don't Know You're Beautiful"

Nicole and Lily are just two directioners going to a signing at a mall when Harry from one direction tells them to wait for him after the signings over...Nicole sees that it's all a scam harry made up and storms off...that wasn't good her being alone..because what happened next NOBODY would have guessed in a million years...not even you! Read a few chapters and you'll get hooked.


6. Figuring Out the Truth~~~

Nicole's POV:
"THE HARRY STYLES WANTS USS BACK THERE??? OMG" I was FMAOing just as much as lily was. We took a minute to cool off, and once we were done, we waited till one direction was gone then proceeded to the back room. I was absolutely ESTATIC--until I went in....

I walked in and all I heard was "OHMYGAHD HARRY OHMYGOD THIS OHMYGOD CUTENESS OVERLOAD..HARRY SAID HE LIKED ME! HARRY SAID HE THOUGHT I WAS CUTE!" BLAH BLAH BLAH. Harry THIS Harry THAT. I couldn't take it. "I can't believe this" I tried to say to lily but she was freaking out too. "What?" She finally managed to respond. "He's a player Lily...why would he invite all these girls back here?" ....."IDK ASHLEY BUT IM HAPPY" and with that she went and freaked out with other girls again. Whatever I'm leaving...I don't need this shit. I thought he would honestly be different....with that, I started to leave. "WAIT!" I heard lily yell.

"Yes?" I turned hoping with all my heart that she would follow and not stay here with these spazzes.

"Don't forget your cd!"

"Yah okay whatever Lily" I turned ashamed in her.
I thought I knew her better than this.....
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