"You Don't Know You're Beautiful"

Nicole and Lily are just two directioners going to a signing at a mall when Harry from one direction tells them to wait for him after the signings over...Nicole sees that it's all a scam harry made up and storms off...that wasn't good her being alone..because what happened next NOBODY would have guessed in a million years...not even you! Read a few chapters and you'll get hooked.


11. Dead, Injections?

Harry's POV:

We both got up and ran we ran and ran and ran, nobody could touch us. We ran to the control room with the rest of the boys. Somehow no guards were there along the way thank gosh. We ran in huffing and puffing and Nicole fell into my arms."UHM WHO'S BEAUTY?" Louis asked. "oh oh" we both pulled away from each other. Guys this is Nicole. "Bikini Nicole?" Niall asked. :What?" Nicole quickly asked. "OH NOTHING NOTHING. So have you guys heard? WERE UNDER ATTACK" I said. "Mate we know!" Liam said. " Were just as confused as you. Our phone calls aren't going through. We see swat teams outside. There boarding up the mall. I don't know whats happening." I suddenly was shocked and scared. What was going to happen to us? I looked at the security cameras. There was dead bodies everywhere. I guess were just going to have to wait and find out.

~~~We later fell asleep~~~ We were awakened with gun bullets. Our door was getting shot at. We all got up and ran. "ILL STAY JUST GO" Zayn said . "NO ZAYN NO" i said on the verge of crying. "mate, the doors gonna bust down were never gonna make it" Just then, the door got through and they shot him down. they injected him with some kind of shot and were running our way.  I ran so hard i almost puked. We found a utility closet and ditched them. I sat down and when they were completly gone, I started hysterically crying. I've just lost one of my best mates. Nobody could get him back.

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