Nobody Compares to You

Celia is just a normal 18 year old, she lives a normal life until her brother, Jackson, dies from cancer. She is never the same because he was her best friend. She decides that when she turns 19, she wants to move away from the little town in New Hampshire and pursue her dream as a photographer. She moves to London, England and meets five boys that almost fill the hole that was made when Jack died. Will she fall for one of the boys? Will one of them fall for her?


18. The Happiest Man on Earth

**At Nando's**

Louis' POV:    I am so happy Niall fixed things with Celia. Everything is perfect now. I have my beautiful Eleanor, and I don't plan on letting her go. I want her to be mine forever.    "El." I say tapping her shoulder, interrupting her conversation with Payton.    "Yeah babe?" she asks. I take her hand In mine.    "I love you, so much. After watching Niall's break up, I realized that I never want to lose you like he lost Celia, granted, he has her now. Everyone is so happy right now, I just want to be with you forever." I get down on one knee, her hand still in mine. I pull out a black velvet box. A tear escapes her eye and she gasps, clearly realising what's happening. I open the box and ask one question that could change my life.    "Eleanor Calder, Will you marry me? It would make me the happiest man on Earth."  tears flooded from her eyes and I could see everyone else tearing up.    "Louis...Yes! I love you so much!" she says. I put the ring on her finger and pull her into my chest abd kiss her forehead kiss. I hear cheering but all I am thinking about is the fact that I will soon be married to the love of my life.  I pull away and I see everyone is clapping and smiling and crying tears of joy. I can't help but smile like a little kid in a candy store.    "Wow, where did that come from?" Liam asks.    "I don't know, It's my grandmothers ring and I thought it was the right time." I say smiling widely, looking into her eyes. The girls squealed and ran to Eleanor's side to admire the ring.    "How come you didn't tell anybody?" Harry asks.   "Because I didn't really know it was gonna happen tonight, I wasn't sure until five minutes ago that I wanted to be with my girl for the rest of my life." I say answering his question. "And besides, you've got the biggest mouth in London. You couldn't keep a secret if you wanted to." I say with a chuckle. He looks down and then pretends to cry.    "Aww poor little Hazza doesn't like being made fun of." Celia says with a laugh. "I'm so happy for you guys. You're perfect for each other."    "Yeah, for once I agree with her." Harry says back. Zayn slaps his chest.    "Ow! everyone is being mean to me, Payton, make them stop!" he says dramatically burying his face in Payton's shoulder. She pats his head while rolling her eyes.    "It's okay guys, it's just his time of the month." Dani says with a smirk. we all laugh, except Harry just crosses his arms and pouts.    "Alrighty I think it's time to go." Liam says patting Dani on the shoulder. She agrees and they both hug us. Dani whispers something In Eleanor's ear. Everyone else decides it's time to leave, so we get many hugs and congratulations and we all file out of Nando's couple by couple. My fiancée and I stand outside the restaurant and look into her eyes. I pull her in for a passionate kiss. It seems like It lasts forever. I pull away and see her bright, beautiful smile.    "Well, pretty soon you'll be Mrs. Eleanor Tomlinson. I think it sounds pretty great." I say looking into her gorgeous eyes.    "Yeah it does. I have never been so happy in my life." she says    "Me either, well, maybe when I met you. But that's it." I say with a chuckle. She giggles and leans her head on my shoulder. I wrap my arm around her waist and pull her in closer to me.    "I love you so much." she says.    "I love you too. Let's go home."   
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