Nobody Compares to You

Celia is just a normal 18 year old, she lives a normal life until her brother, Jackson, dies from cancer. She is never the same because he was her best friend. She decides that when she turns 19, she wants to move away from the little town in New Hampshire and pursue her dream as a photographer. She moves to London, England and meets five boys that almost fill the hole that was made when Jack died. Will she fall for one of the boys? Will one of them fall for her?


19. Nobody Compares to You

A/N hey guys! Just so you know this is the last chapter! I had a lot of fun writing this and i really hope you like it!

It is the last day of this crazy summer. The boys are going on tour, Payton, Becky and I are going to college. I've been thinking a lot about if I will actually make new friends this year. I was never popular, in fact, 3/4 of the school could care less if I died. I hope I can have a fresh start. I have also been thinking that I won't be able to see Niall every day. I won't be able to have Harry's cooking,  I won't get to hear Louis jokes. I'm really gonna miss them. They have a two week break in December, which is far away. But at least I can hang out with Becky at school and Payton at work. I just hope that this school is what I dreamed it would be like. Maybe Becky and I will have class together. We are going to the boys' flat to help them pack, and to say goodbye. I shower, get dressed, and head to Niall's flat. 

"Hey guys!" I say a little too excitedly. 

"Hey babe." Niall says, lugging a suitcase onto the tour bus. He gave me a quick peck on the way by. I see Louis struggling trying to carry a suitcase. 

"Lou, there are wheels for a reason. Let me help." I take the suitcase from him. It is surprisingly light. What a baby. 

"This is nothing, weakling." I say with a smirk. 

he gasps "She didn't mean that." he says, kissing his biceps. 

"'re engaged?" I say in disbelief, smirking again. 

"Yeah I'm just so damn sexy El couldn't say no." he says confidently. 

"You bet." Eleanor says to him. She grabs his hand and pulls him over to another pile of suitcases that need to be loaded onto the bus. I go over and grab one. I see Louis picking one up.

"You sure you can handle that Lou? it's pretty big." he glares at me. 

"Shut up." he says chuckling. I bring the suitcase onto the bus and go grab another. It takes us about an hour to load all of their bags on the bus. They have to get going because the have a flight to LA in 2 hours. 

I Start off saying goodbye to Harry. 
"Harry. I'm gonna miss you."

"I'm gonna miss you too." I give him a big hug. 

"Take care of Payton for me please?" he asks. I nod and give him a final hug. 

"See you soon." I say. next is Louis. 

"Aww Lou, how will you ever live without me?" we both chuckle 

"Well, my number one girl is coming on tour with us, So it won't be just me and the boys all the time. But I really am gonna miss you." he says 

"I'm gonna miss you too. You are like a big brother to me, thank you for always being there." 

"No problem." he says. He pulls me in to a huge hug and squeezes as hard as he can. 

"can't....breathe..." he lets go, apologizing for almost killing me. 

"See you in December." he says, giving me one last hug. I smile at him, tears welling up, I tried to hold them in, but one escaped and I moved on to Zayn. 

"Thank you. for everything." I say, he pulls me into a tight hug. 

"You're welcome. You know my number if you need to talk. I promise I'll answer if I have free time." he assures me. 

"I will, thank you."  I gave him a big hug and kissed him on the cheek. 

"See ya later." I walk over to find Liam.  I smile at him and pull him into a hug. 

"We've been through a lot Liam, but I know we will always be like brother and sister. I'm gonna miss you." I say to him, pulling out if the hug. 

"I'll miss you too Celia. See you soon." he says. He kisses me on the forehead. Last but not least is Niall. I put my hand over my mouth and another tear escapes my eye. I bury my face into Niall's chest. I calm down a little and wrap my arms around him. 

"I'm gonna miss you so much." I say. 

"Here, you can cuddle this when you miss me." he hands me a green teddy bear with an Irish flag on its belly. 

"Thank you, this Is perfect." I say hugging the stuffed animal. He kisses  
me quickly and they start getting into the car that is taking them to the airport. I give them all final hugs and Niall is about to get In to the car. he turns around before getting in and kisses me passionately. 

"I love you, so much. I'll see you soon." he says. 

"I love you too. Now go, you don't wanna miss your flight. I love you guys." I say to them all. They reply with "i love you"s and "See you soon"s Niall gets in the car and rolls down the window. He sticks his head out the window and looks at me, as he drives away. I wave as the car gets less and less visible until it is gone. I look at Payton, and then at Becky. I hug them both. 

"College, Here we come." I say. They both smile and we all group hug. 

"Don't worry, we'll get tickets to their closest show." I assure them. 

I get a text from Niall: 

"I love you so much baby. Nobody compares to you."

                        ~The End~

I hope you liked it! If you want me to write a sequel please comment. Thanks to everyone who read! -Justine 

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