Nobody Compares to You

Celia is just a normal 18 year old, she lives a normal life until her brother, Jackson, dies from cancer. She is never the same because he was her best friend. She decides that when she turns 19, she wants to move away from the little town in New Hampshire and pursue her dream as a photographer. She moves to London, England and meets five boys that almost fill the hole that was made when Jack died. Will she fall for one of the boys? Will one of them fall for her?


6. Anniversary Surprise


Chapter 6:

Celia’s POV:

So today is our one month anniversary, I’m not expecting Harry to do anything special for Payton, because he’s not that great at planning, but we will probably double date. I get out of bed, stretch my arms above my head, and check my phone. Twitter hate, scroll. Tumblr, scroll, Message from Harry:

“Hey Celia, I wanted to know if Payton talked about what we were doing today.” I start typing the reply.

“No, sorry Haz, are you doing something special?” I answer, and then I wait for the reply.

“Can’t tell, sorry love, it’s a secret that only the boys, El, Perrie and I know about, just get ready, we will meet you two at Starbucks in an hour.”

“Haha, yes Harold.” I reply, using his real name, I crack myself up. I quickly go to wash up and get dressed. I choose black skinny jeans, a white tank top, a red cardigan, and red toms. I blow dry and straighten my hair, and admire myself in the mirror.

Payton’s POV: 

It’s our one month anniversary; Harry is the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. He is so kind and absolutely perfect. He treats me like a princess. He cooks for me, I just love him. The boys are taking us somewhere today, but I have no clue where, apparently neither does Celia. I quickly get washed up and get dressed. I decide to wear my hair natural so I just brush through it and leave it.

Harry’s POV:

The girls get here and we are already having coffees and hot chocolates. It is El, Perrie, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and I. I take a good look at Payton. She is more beautiful than ever. Her strawberry blonde hair rests on her shoulders. She wears a sundress with flowers on it, and a pink sweater. Her eyes paralyze me for a moment; I tell them they both look beautiful, because it’s true. Liam and I are the luckiest lads on earth to have such amazing girls. But I’m a bit worried that Liam still isn’t over Danielle, I mean, she was his first love.

Liam’s POV:

She looks absolutely stunning, her brown hair, her beautiful eyes. But there’s a problem. Every time I look at her I don’t see Celia. I see Danielle. I have been missing her a lot. I feel horrible because I asked Celia out before I was ready. I don’t want to hurt her, but I love Danielle. I don’t know if I can get over her. I have to tell Celia. Not today, obviously, but I need to tell her soon. We make it to our destination, the Carnival. Celia gets really excited because she loves carnivals. Payton turns to Harry and kisses him on the cheek. Everyone else just happily grins, we buy the wristbands that allow you to have unlimited rides for the day.

Niall’s POV:

It’s been kind of lonely here, Louis with Eleanor, Zayn with Perrie, Harry with Payton, Liam with Celia, and me, forever alone. We played more games than I can count, we’ve been here for like 5 hours, I just wanna go home. Liam was playing the strength tester and trying to win something for Celia. He takes a swing and it goes all the way up. The bell rings loudly and the lady lets him pick a stuffed animal, he picks a turtle of course. He hands it to Celia and she blushes

“For you” he says with a smile, but for some reason it didn’t seem sincere.

“Thanks babe” she kissed him, then anger seemed to take over, I clenched my fists. What is happening? Do I have feelings for Celia? I can’t like her, she’s with Liam, my best mate, I would never fall for his girl, but I think I am.

“Hey Niall, you okay?” Celia walked up to me and sat down next to me, I look into her beautiful brown eyes, and I get lost for a moment, and then snapped back to reality.

“Yeah, I guess, I feel a wee bit sick though. I just wanna go home.” I said truthfully.

“Well we were talking about leaving soon anyway, we were going to get some food maybe that will make you feel better?” she said, with a concerned look on her face.

“Sounds good, I’m starving” she held out her hand to help me up, she let go after and I look down, then I start walking with them to the food stands. We eat and it doesn’t make me feel better, it makes me feel worse, this is the only time in my life I’ve regretted eating.

“You feeling okay Nialler?” Eleanor asks concerned.

“No, I feel awful. I have a stomach ache. Are we going soon?” I ask hopefully.

“Yeah, it seems like you are really sick, and I’m pretty tired, anyone else?” Harry says. Everyone nods in response and we all start heading for the exit.

“I’m sorry everyone, I didn’t mean to ruin your night.” I say as we are driving home.

“It’s okay mate, we understand, you’re sick, we couldn’t just drag you around all night. Besides, I think we had a good amount of fun today, right lads?” Liam says, knowing what the answer was. They all nod their heads and smile, a few of them chuckle but I don’t really know why, they didn’t really treat me like part of the group. I felt like a loner the whole time, I was just kind of standing there. I was the awkward 9th wheel. I wish I had a girl like Celia or Payton. They are both wonderful girls. Why can’t I be happy for once? I guess that’s not possible. 

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