Nobody Compares to You

Celia is just a normal 18 year old, she lives a normal life until her brother, Jackson, dies from cancer. She is never the same because he was her best friend. She decides that when she turns 19, she wants to move away from the little town in New Hampshire and pursue her dream as a photographer. She moves to London, England and meets five boys that almost fill the hole that was made when Jack died. Will she fall for one of the boys? Will one of them fall for her?


5. A Perfect Day


It’s still summer time for another 2 months so I can pretty much do what I want when I don’t have to work. I’m working from 8 to 1 today so I wake up at 7:00 and get ready. I shower, brush my teeth, and do my hair. I decide to wear my natural hair so I part it to the side, taking a few strands of hair and twirling it around my finger. I then take the strands and pull them to the side of my head and secure them with a bobby pin. I get dressed and start heading to work.  Payton and I have become great friends. We have hung out practically every day for the last 2 weeks, I have hung out with Liam at Nando’s and we are also great friends. He is really sweet. He is very protective over the other boys, even Louis (even though he is younger than him)

Work goes by really fast; I am going to Starbucks to get a hot chocolate with Payton. I get there and she’s sitting at a table and I go to order my hot chocolate. Once the girl gives me my drink I pay her and go sit by Payton.

“Hey” she said enthusiastically

“Hey we didn’t really get to talk at work, what’s new?” I asked

“Well, you know Harry?” I nodded “Well, I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately, I think I like him” she admitted, even though I already knew. I chuckled lightly. “And may I ask what’s funny about that?” she asked, emphasizing ‘funny’

“Payton, I’ve known that you liked him since the first night. The way you looked at each other, that twinkle in your eye, I knew it.” I told her. Her cheeks turn red as a tomato.

“Really? I didn’t even know it! I was just completely mesmerized by him, he’s perfect. Whenever I think about him, I have to stop myself from smiling like an idiot. I came here to get a fresh start, and I think I finally got it” she says, pouring her feelings out like a glass of water.

“I have a feeling he likes you to” I said with a wink.

Payton’s POV:

What Celia just said was crazy. Harry Styles likes me? No way, I’m just some boring girl from America. How could he possibly like me? He’s so perfect. His hair, his eyes, his dazzling cheeky smile, I totally forgot he’s an international superstar, it didn’t matter, he is not just some of womanizing manwhore that hurts every girl, like the press says. He is a real, caring man who I think…I think I’m falling for.

Harry’s POV:

I can’t stop thinking about Payton. She is so beautiful, and real. She is a fan, but she doesn’t fangirl when she’s around us. She is perfect, her long strawberry blonde hair, her smile, her sense of humor. I feel a little embarrassed because I basically spent the whole time at Nando’s staring at her. She made me feel…weird, I think I’m falling for her. But she will never like me. She seems like she’s interested in the famous part of me, rather than the real me. Maybe I can find out more about her. I pick up my phone and text her:

Hey Payton, its Harry. I was wondering if you and Celia wanted to get a coffee, it will be you girls, Liam, Niall and I.” I waited about 2 minutes and my phone vibrated.

Hey Harry, yeah we are actually at Starbucks right now. Do you guys want to meet us here?

Yeah sure, be there in a jiffy! I replied. I told the boys and Liam got his jacket, but Niall bailed to go to Nando’s, typical.  We left the flat we shared and started walking towards Starbucks. We got there and Celia called our names and we went to sit down.

Celia’s POV

Liam and Harry came to Starbucks to have coffee. We started talking about random stuff and then we eventually broke off into separate conversations. I talked to Liam, Payton talked to Harry. Liam and I left after about an hour to take a walk.

“So…” I said breaking the silence.

“So…What’s your favorite film” he asked in his adorable accent.

“I really like Disney movies, my favorite is Toy Story” I said proudly.

“Really? That’s mine too” he said with an excited look on his face.

“Wow, small world. What’s your favorite color?” I asked

“Purple, not really a manly color I know, but I like it.” My jaw actually dropped a little.

“That’s amazing, mine is purple too.”

“It’s like we’re twins!” he said and let out a chuckle, showing his perfect white smile. We sat down in the grass. We continued talking and then Liam looked down at my wrist, noticing a huge scar.

“What happened to your wrist?” he said worried.

“Oh, well, my dad never wanted me to be a photographer, and one night, it was just me and him because mom and Jack were on a weekend trip, he was drunk and he threw me into the wall and a metal picture frame fell and cut my arm.” I admit, I look at the ground and start playing with the grass. Liam takes my hand; I look up into his beautiful brown eyes. He doesn’t say a word, his eyes flicker to my lips and back up to my eyes, I do the same. He leans in to the point where our noses touch, I feel his breath and it tickles my skin. We lean in more and our lips softly touch. A strange feeling shoots through me, I kiss him back once I realize what he’s doing and it lasts for what seems like hours until we pull away for air. What just happened? I look away for a moment, blushing and Liam breaks the silence.

“I’m…I’m so sorry Celia, I shouldn’t have done that, I’ll just go. I’m sorry” he said, while getting up. I quickly grab his wrist and he looks down. I stand up and pull him towards me by his shirt. I lean in and kiss him again, it seems longer this time, and more passionate. I pull away for air, we both smile.

“Who says I didn’t like it?” I said. He smiled even wider and I heard someone clear their throat behind me. I turned around to see Harry and Payton standing there smirking.

“Well, Well, Well. What do we have here” he says, enjoying it too much.

“H..Hi guys” I stutter “How long have you been standing there?” I ask innocently.

“Oh, long enough” Payton grins.

“Okay, so why haven’t you two kissed yet?” I ask, grinning widely.

“Excuse me?” Harry asks

“Oh, like you don’t realize you both like each other. We all saw the way you looked at each other that night at Nando’s. Don’t deny it.” I say with a grin. I’m enjoying this.

“Nah, he’s just too scared to kiss her, because he’s never had a serious girlfriend.” Liam said with a big smirk on his face.

“Oh really?” he said. He turned to Payton and put his hands around her face, and pressed her lips to his. She doesn’t try to fight it, she just goes with it. It was about time. The both pull away and Payton has the biggest smile I’ve ever seen, painted across her lips. Liam and I start clapping and cheering. Liam and Harry whisper to each other and each pick a flower from the ground and get down on one knee.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” they said simultaneously

“Yes!!” I said giving Liam a kiss on the cheek. Payton did the same and Liam takes my hand and Harry wraps his arm around Payton’s waist. Harry walks her back to her flat and Liam walk me to mine.

It was a perfect day. 

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