Nobody Compares to You

Celia is just a normal 18 year old, she lives a normal life until her brother, Jackson, dies from cancer. She is never the same because he was her best friend. She decides that when she turns 19, she wants to move away from the little town in New Hampshire and pursue her dream as a photographer. She moves to London, England and meets five boys that almost fill the hole that was made when Jack died. Will she fall for one of the boys? Will one of them fall for her?


1. Remembering Him


It has been a year and two months since I lost him.  I lost my brother, my best friend, to Cancer. Why did he have to be taken so young? He was only 19 years old, far too young to die. My mom, Catherine, was always so supportive of him. He had the dream of becoming a singer/songwriter like Ed Sheeran. He always said that if I tried hard, I would be able to achieve all my goals, and I believed it. My dad, Daniel, on the other hand, was never really a fan of Jack’s music. He always wanted him to be a football player, which was never an option for him. He was never good at sports, and anyway he was practically born strumming the strings of a guitar. Dad always wanted me to be a nurse, which wouldn’t ever work because I faint when I get a paper cut. He never had the right perspective on our futures. Mom always wanted us to follow our dreams, so that’s what we did. I have decided that I want to be a photographer, and that meant going to college. I’ve always wanted to live in London, England, and that’s exactly where I’m going to go. I am going to chase my dream, in a place so unfamiliar to me.

Authors Note: hey readers! Thank you for reading the first chapter! Sorry it was so short! I hope you like it so far. Please comment and let me know what you think and what college you think Celia should go to! It would really help a lot!

Thanks -Justine

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