They Don't Know About Us

My name is Castro. Amanda Castro. Some people call me Mandy though. I live alone in a small apartment. First of all, I know these 5 guys. They are best friends and they all are truly, madly, deeply in love with me. I have to find out who's the one. It's destined for me. It's like my mission. I WILL find out whos the one. Even if its the last thing i do.


2. Party Like It's 3012 Tonight

I woke up the next morning in my cozy, small apartment. 'It had to be a dream,' I thought. Niall couldn't be real...could he? He was so perfect though. I got out of bed and got ready for the day. I wore a black tanktop, denim shorts, and a leather purple jacket. I slipped on my purple converse and ran out the door. I almost ran into someone. It was him, Niall. So I guess it wasn't a dream.
"Hey Niall." I muttered.
"What's up, Mandy?" He said.
"Nothing much. Just doing me." I stuck my tongue out and Niall laughed.
"Aha! Alright."
He winked at me. I felt butterflies inside. He was so...attractive.
"Are you free tonight, Amanda?" He asked nervously.
"Yeah, why?" I questioned.
"I was, you, party tonight?" He said.
"Sureeee!" I exclaimed.
"Ok. See ya later!"
*At 10:30 PM*
Ding dong! My doorbell ringed.
"Hey Mandy! Are you ready for the party?" He asked.
"Yeah buddy! Let's go!" I yelled.
We drove to the party and got of Niall's car.
"Come on in!" A pretty, petite girl greeted us.
We danced, got drunk, and had so much fun. I met a couple of Niall's friends and he met a couple of mine. The petite girl, supposedly named Kayla, that greeted called out to everyone.
"Gather around! Gather around," she screamed. "We're going to play 7 minutes in heaven! Why don't we start with...Mandy!"
All the boys whistled and licked their lips like I was a meal.
"Fine." I laid out casually.
Kayla and Jen put a blindfold on me. Jen walked me to the closet and shut the door while saying "Hold on a sec! We'll send "him" in here in a minute, k?"
After a while,I heard footsteps coming then the creak of the door opening.
"Hello, Mandy." he whispered in a voice I barely recgonized.
I heard it from somewhere...but where?
"Hey, guy that's about to make out with me." I laughed.
He laughed as well. He was on top of me now. I could feel his warm breath on my neck.
"Are you ready?" he pressed against me.
"Yeah..." I quietly murmured.
He kissed my neck gently. It felt good. I locked my hands into his hair and kissed his jawbone. He moaned quietly. He lips moved up my neck and found its way to my lips. He pressed hard against me and I pressed even harder against him. We continued from there and soon enough the seven minutes were up. The mystery guy led me out of the closet.
I took my blindfold of to see him. I knew I recgonized that voice from somewhere. Niall showed him to me. One of Niall's best friends. Harry Styles.
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