They Don't Know About Us

My name is Castro. Amanda Castro. Some people call me Mandy though. I live alone in a small apartment. First of all, I know these 5 guys. They are best friends and they all are truly, madly, deeply in love with me. I have to find out who's the one. It's destined for me. It's like my mission. I WILL find out whos the one. Even if its the last thing i do.


1. The Boy Next Door

I was doing my homework, as usual, when I heard a loud sound outside.
"Probably just Joe working out," I whispered to myself and snickered. More noise. It was distracting me from my homework.
"Joe, knock it off," I screamed at the wall. "I don't need anymore noise! I need to focus!"
"It's not me!" Joe screamed back.
So it wasn't him. Who was it? I needed to find out right away so I could prevent all this noise. I walked outside of my apartment to find someone moving boxes into the apartment across from mine.
But he wasn't just a "someone". He was....beautiful. He had blonde silky hair, a dazzling smile, and dreamy blue eyes. He turned around to look at me.
"Hello, love," he exclaimed. "I'm guessing you live around here?"
"Y-yes," I muttered. "I could show you around if you'd like."
"Really? Thank you so much!"
"No problem! Oh, and welcome to The LA Grand Apartments!"
I showed him around the hotel for hours and hours. We were laughing and messing around a lot along the way. I got to know him and he got to know me.
"Hey, um...I still haven't learned your name." the boy said quietly.
"Oh! I'm Amanda. And you are?..."
"Niall. Niall James Horan." he said.
"Nice name, Niall." I whispered.
He chuckled.
"Thanks. Same to you."
This was it. I finally found my dream boy. Niall James Horan, the boy next door.
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