Rachel lives and breathes the world of magic. As an heir to the throne of a secret werewolf culture, she stands in the doorway to the spirit world, staring in the face of things her pack can only imagine. That is the way. Her parents understand, as does the next Alpha, Andrew, her predestined soulmate. But when the scale is tipped out of balance, they're both placed in a race against time to save their pack and everything they have ever known, plagued by a question of morality: What is right? Or, more importantly, what's wrong?


12. Rachel


When I woke, I was strapped to a chair by metal plates. My head was secured so that I could only stare straight ahead, where a curious human peered at me. He smiled when my eyes opened, making a note on his clipboard.

“Good morning,” he greeted all too cheerily. “How are you feeling?”

I hissed at him, trying to Change but held in place by the metal. I sniffed curiously, repulsed when I recognized the stink of silver. He was clearly satisfied by this result. Indignantly, I bared every one of my sharpened fangs and watched him recoil from me.

“We're ready for the test,” he spoke to no one I could see. Then he moved from my line of vision, immediately clarifying for me what this test was.


The outcry was involuntary, staring at my unconscious friend. She was in another room, visible only through a pane of glass. But the panic in my veins was all too close, and the rage that anyone would force her alpha to watch any pain on her.

That was as far as I'd gotten, when someone in the other room appeared with a cattle prod. I panicked for her, and when she jerked awake I could almost feel the pain in her body, hear the scream through what must have been six inches of glass.


Again, I felt that anger from last night. I turned my attention to the cattle prod, though, and I wanted nothing more than for that arm to feel that shock over and over and over--

The fire alarms went off, the prod exploding on its wielder and catching them on fire. I knew I should have been guilty or shocked, but I wasn't. I was still pissed. So my eyes caught on Heather, the bonds that held her opening against their apparent functionality, sending more panic into the room. She was too weak to act on her own, and I was too strong to stay chained here much longer. I forced her to Change, but she wasn't the lithe little fox that I knew and remembered. No, she was something huge, with monstrous fangs in a gaping maw. When it threw back its head to howl, I felt it in my bones, but I still couldn't find myself to be fazed.

Even when she dug her teeth into one human, ripping him in half.

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