Rachel lives and breathes the world of magic. As an heir to the throne of a secret werewolf culture, she stands in the doorway to the spirit world, staring in the face of things her pack can only imagine. That is the way. Her parents understand, as does the next Alpha, Andrew, her predestined soulmate. But when the scale is tipped out of balance, they're both placed in a race against time to save their pack and everything they have ever known, plagued by a question of morality: What is right? Or, more importantly, what's wrong?


15. Andrew


For the first time in my life, I felt truly alone. My sister was gone, my father was dead, my pack was terrified and in need of their Alpha, and I was supposed to find a way to be that figure somehow. Even with Nick standing by my side, the isolation was excruciating. Only the moon gave me comfort as I stared at the faces of my pack, and I could find the strength they needed to get through this.

“Someone has struck against us,” I said quietly, knowing well that every keen ear within a mile would be listening. I remembered that horrible nightmare of Rachel, losing herself to a monster. “They've kidnapped our kin, murdered an Alpha, defiled the Moon-grounds and our Lady. What are we to do? Bare our fangs at these predators, and teach them that we are no mere hounds! Our women will stand guard over the cave while I lead the strongest pack of men to their front door!”

I felt Nick quivering with excitement beside me, several throats being thrown back to howl their agreements. I Changed where I stood, now the strongest of us all as I towered so tall in my fur. I howled, a command for those to follow me on this hunt, and it was answered. I bounded through the pack and back into the forest, charging toward the scents I knew were there and that would be my guide to my prey.

My beta was at my flank, twenty, thirty sets of paws thundering behind me. The sound gave me strength, and in turn the feral need to track these monsters. The healed wounds only urged me on, the pain encouraging this hunt.

I found the scent easily, Rachel's mixed with our pack's and, not entirely alien, that of our predators—humans. I paused long enough to howl, riling up my pack even more. I could hear their bloodlust in their heavy breaths, see the longing on their sharp fangs. As we raced off, a feeling like a force of nature coursed through my bones, and I knew I was no longer alone.

Rachel was with me.


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